Theoretical and methodological principles of development of the communicative system of public administration

The necessity of forming a communicative system of public administration as a way of ensuring the coordination of activities of state, self-governing, public and media authorities in management of social processes is grounded. The theoretical and methodological principles of formation of the communicative system of public management and its structural and functional model are defined.

Formation of personnel potential in the amalgamated territorial communities of Ukraine

Problem settings. In Ukraine, the formation of amalgamated territorial communities (ATCs) is carried out in the process of administrative-territorial reform implementation. Resilience of the community is ensured by strong financial and infrastructural bases and staffing potential. Determination of the main directions of ensuring the formation of the personnel potential of local self-government bodies will increase the professional level of provision of administrative services at the local level.


2-Cyano-3-[5-(2-oxy-methyl-4-nitrophenyl)-2-furyl]-2-propenamide is a biologically active derivative of furan with reactive centers of donor and acceptor type that is used as a starting material in the synthesis of drugs.

The structure of the substance was confirmed by NMR spectroscopy. The purity of the substance was determined using a system of high-efficiency liquid chromatograph Agilent 1100 HPLC.

Milestones of formation, becoming and development of political and legal views Vyacheslav Lipinsky of state and law

Analaized certain stages of formation and development of political and legal views of V. Lipinskі. Particular attention is paid to research his works, in which Ukrainian thinker calls for unity, catholicity and justly preserve their land and their territorial integrity.

Concept personal development of individuals in the philosophical and legal views of modern times

The article analyzes the concept of the personal development of the individual in philosophical and legal views of modern times. It is proved that the realization of the essence of the individual is depending on internal guidelines on the existence or ownership, so it can be productive or unproductive. Thoroughly analyzed the doctrine of freedom as it is in the New Time is the main basis of creating a new image of man in the philosophical and legal space.

Levers of regional investment activity regulation: definition, differentiation, possibilities of use

The essence of levers of regulation and increased efficiency of investment activities in the region  is  determinated  in  terms  of  regional  economy,  management,  theory  and  practice  of investment.  Classification  of  levers  of  regional  investment  activities  regulation  is  proposed.

The role of geodynamics in spatial distribution of traditional and nontraditional deposits of hydrocarbon resources of Dniprovsko-Donetska depression

Target. Finding subordination of spatial distribution of hydrocarbon accumulation of different types because of region geodynamics.Methods. The main stages of sedimentary cover forming of Dniprovsko-Donetska depression have been characterized, geodynamic factors led to forming of paleolandscapes have been studied, paleogeomorphic and lithology-facial reconstructions have been done, peculiarities of sedimentation processes, forming of composition and structure of sedimentary complexes and distribution of hydrocarbon accumulation of different types there have been fixed. Results.