Study of magnetic susceptibility of Dashava formation sediments in NW part of Carpathian foredeep

The results of the magnetic susceptibility study of Dashava claystones and sandstones of Lower Sarmatian in NW part of Carpathian Foredeep are adduced. The vertical and lateral sediments heterogeneity of their magnetic susceptibility are shown. 

Peculiarities of the anomalous magnetic field in the areas of hydrocarbon fields in the Carpathian foredeep

Purpose. Identifying of anomalous magnetic field peculiarities upon oil-and-gas bearing structures in the Carpathian Feoredeep and its relationships with oil and gas deposits. Methodology. Measuring of geomagnetic field T total vector modulus during surface magnetic survey on a geomagnetic profiles network. Measuring of core magnetic susceptibility of searching-prospecting wells. Investigations were done for 9 hydrocarbon deposits and 6 perspective structures in the NW part of Bilche-Volytsa zone, Carpathian Foredeep. Results. The analysis of anomalous magnetic field is shown.