earth crust

Complex geological-geophysical model of the Western Donbass lithosphere

The comparison of the geology-geophysical models of the crust of the Western Donbass makes it possible to obtain new data about the bottom of the earth crust, to marks out a reduced velocity in the middle earth crust part in joints  area of Donbass and the Voronezh massif and data of another features of the lithosphere structure.

Study of stresses fields of Chatkal`s mountain zone of west Tan-Shan

In the article the results of studies of stress-strained state of the crust in Chatkal`s mountain zone of west Tan-Shan are shown. In the first approximation the main and paleo-stresses for separate area of the region`s are estimated. For analysis of the stresses the methods of mathematical modeling and tectonophysical methods of stresses fields reconstructions and method of recovering of stresses by earthquakes mechanisms are used.

Geothermal model of the Earth’s crust across the Eastern Carpatians along the seismsc profile Dobre-3 (PANCAKE)

This paper presents two-dimensional numerical models of the thermal structure of the crust and upper mantle in the Carpathians region based on new seismic data along the profile Dobre-3 (PANKACE) from East European Craton to Pannonian basin (PB). Heat flow and temperature distribution in the crust can be explained by lithosphere structure and Cenozoic tectonic and magmatic activity.

Sounding of the Earth crust of the North-Western part of the Russian platform by the intrinsic microseisms

Purpose. To investigate the structure of the upper crust of the Onega Peninsula by microseismic sensing. Methods. The technique involves a comprehensive analysis of detailed geological structures areas Onega Peninsula based on diagrams of the intensity distribution along the profile microseisms and depth, reflecting the relative velosity change properties of the medium obtained in the sample measurement acording the microseismic sounding method (MSM). Results. The results of sounding structure of the crust background micro-seismic two profiles within the Onega Peninsula.