gravity modelling

Density model of the Earth crust of the Ukrainian Carpathians along the PANCAKE profile

The purpose of the work is the analysis and geological-tectonic interpretation of the anomalous gravity field of the Ukrainian Carpathians and adjacent territories, as well as the construction of a density model of the Earth's crust and upper mantle according to the international PANCAKE seismic profile. The need to build a density model along the PANCAKE profile is due to the significant interest of a number of geologists and geophysicists in the results of seismic research along this profile. It is also caused by certain discrepancies in the seismological models of different authors.

Modeling of density structure of native sulfur content deposits by additional gravitational exploration data

Purpose.  The purpose of research is to study the geological and economic efficiency of high-precision gravity control method changes in the structure of the geological section in the exploitation brimstone method of underground melting. Methodology.