Modern media not only (such as radio, newspapers, television or online journalism), but also the full range of media (e.g. theater, music, exhibitions, cinema, drama, opera, visual arts etc.) promote narrative – interpretive both the journalist and the audience the contexts of the realities referred to in the journalistic presentation. But with the introduction of holistic systems of ideologically united mass media, the narrative is no longer characterized by the temporality or length of interpretations.

Anthropological origin and motives of human dignity

Anthropological substantiation of human dignity is a topical issue. Man is a creation of God, endowed with positive and negative qualities, but which of them he prefers to decide for himself. The concept of human dignity and its place in human life is clarified. Emphasis is placed on anthropology as a process of creating a person and endowing him with the qualities that God himself has, because man was created in the image of God and must imitate all the positive qualities that are given to him. Emphasis is placed on the qualities that God has given to man.

Faustus in English Literature: Myth or Symbol?

The article deals with the correlation between the notions of symbol and myth. The main attention is paid to the interpretation of symbol and myth by various philisophers and linguists, which allows to reveal substantial features of these terms. The explications and implications of Faustus as a myth and symbol in the source text by Ch. Marlowe and in other works of English Faustiana have been revealed. The interrelation of the terms “symbol” and “myth” in the English literature works of the late 16th – early 21st centuries has been discovered.

GIS technologies in geophysical data interpretation by new interpretive gravimetry (NIG)

The introduction of elements of geographic information technologies in the process of interpretation of gravity anomalies led to the possibility of constructing three-dimensional density models every detail of the earth's crust. These models meet the criteria of Hadamard. The results obtained allowed to identify new and confirm the previously known patterns.

About necessity of the complexing geophysical methods in natural and industrial karst investigation (the example of salt deposits in Precarpathians)

The optimum complex of geophysical research methods (gravimetry, PIEMPZ, VEZ, ZS) to iden­tify unstable areas associated with the development of natural and anthropogenic karst is present. An interpretation of the results, based on a complex calculation using an integrated option - features a comprehensive index (PCF), which is consistent with the criterion for karst hazard. The 3D models of the distribution of probability criterion for karst hazard individual sections of the mine fields.

Museums of the 21st Century in the context of globalization: new meanings, challenges and trends

Modern museum environment intensively passes the process of transformation in the context of global geopolitical, economic, social and cultural changes. It is impossible to forget that exactly museums are for today that perform the duty of forming of historical memory of the Ukrainian people and identities, promotes self-actualization of nation.

Interpretation of values: praxeological aspect

The proposed article includes analysis of changes in interpretations of the nature of property rights in the process of scientific study. Category analyzed the social value of law aspects and determining influence on society. We study the types of the law society, the effects are determined by legal impact and their effectiveness. In particular, clarified the issuepraxeological aspect rights values in the life of society and established a set of factors required for the establishment of values in modern society.

Collective agreement: some legal drafting issues of creation and interpretation

This article deals with some legal drafting issues of creating and interpretation of the collective agreement. In order to establish the peculiarities of legal drafting and its creation was made a general description of the collective agreement properties. There were established content and formal requirements for the drafting creation, types of principles and methods of the interpretation of collective agreement.

Hermeneutical method of interpretation the law: historical and legal divergence

In the scientific article the questions of divergence of historical and legal hermeneutics.
Clarified, that the interpretation is a typical activities of a lawyer, particularly in the Romano-
Germanic system of law. Any professional lawyer who works in legislative or executive bodies,
often engaged in the interpretation of the law and facts that underlie their use. It is established
that the recognition of the professionalism of a lawyer depends on hermeneutical
interpretation, the ability to choose and implement from the plurality of meanings of the rule

Підхід до автоматичної побудови функцій інтерпретації під час навчання онтологій

In the paper the approach to automated construction of interpretation functions (axioms) of concepts and relations of the domain ontology during its training are considered. The method of recognizing the semantics of natural language texts and its representation in the form of descriptive logic.