Formetive, historical and philosophical review

In the article the process of identity formation in historical and philosophical context, the evolution of establishment and development of socio-natural and legal determinant of human beings. Analyzed the phenomenon of individual rights and as an object of reflection philosophical and legal, historical and philosophical science

Behavior as activity: social-legal dimension of personality

The article detailed analysis of the problem of individual behavior in social and legal discourse, describes the value orientation of man as a philosophical and legal category. Thebehavior of a set of actions and deeds, expressions and forms of activity that are primarily categories of social philosophy and covers the objectives, means and results of the process of form. Sformulovavno conceptual positions and conclusions about the phenomenon of the individual as the foundation of modern legal anthropology.

Historiography research problems of deviant behavior: trends and directions

The article analyzes the scientific work of domestic and foreign scholars dedicated to thehistoriography of deviant behavior of the individual. The main theoretical and methodological approaches that have emerged as part of modern historiography to study the problem. Defined thematic orientation work, their characteristics and features, singled out the overall trends research deviant behavior. Exposed the most topical at the present stage of science methods of studying the abovementioned issues.

The idea of “individuality”: philosophical and legal concept

In the article the essence of the definition of “identity” as a complex multi-faceted and multi-level structure, the meaning of which depends not only on the wealth of natural its premises, but also the depth and breadth of its entry into the mechanism of public relations, as well as the degree of social activity, reflecting sub of the object as individual. The researcher examined the defining idea of “individuality” in the philosophical and legal terms, the proposed methodological concept on the designated problems.

Formative classical rationalism in philosophy

In the article the problem of personality in the philosophy of classical rationalism. It was found that in the active practice of human personality is formed and manifested in his work as a subjective being as such i consciously creates its relation to nature and to other people, establishing certain communications and public relations, responsible for their action.

Phenomenon personality in the philosophy of neo-thomism

The article substantiates the relevance of the study of the phenomenon of personality in the philosophy of neo Thomism; individual phenomenon determined by the category of spirituality, identity, autonomy, and self-esteem, initiative, self-improvement, love. It is proved on the basis of philosophical treatises on individual autonomy neo-Thomism created the world, and the nature of society, not a supernatural being – God. The essence of autonomy is, in fact, that “personality turned to God” that “she must surrender to him completely”.

Genesis of personality: fundamental problem being individual

The article analyzes the genesis of personality based on concepts of medieval Western philosophical doctrine. Argued proved that the genesis of personality serves the fundamental problem of being individual. It was found that in the Middle Ages identity is understood as a set of specific qualities that are more or less characterize typical in it and so that each of the properties has independent significance and is not derived from the inner nature of the individual.

Formation of personality: correlation “social and individual”

The article deals with theoretical analysis of the concept of “identity” is determined by the nature of this concept in terms of different philosophical schools. Outlined the evolution of historical and philosophical vision so important for the national intellectual traditions focus of world philosophy. A deconstructive approach to philosophical treatises dedicated to analyzing the phenomenon of personality, characterized by dichotomy “social-individual.” The ways and directions harmonious combination of social and individual for self-identity.

Individually socialization: philosophical and legal dimension

Article meaningful philosophical category of “personality”, its essence and definition, found the place and the role of the individual in the philosophical and legal context, presented the main characteristics of the individual. Based on significant source base covers basic methodological approaches to the abovementioned problems.

Socialization: methodological approach to problems

The article reveals the essence and meaning of methodological approaches to explain the process of socialization, analyzed the prospect of developing definite problem. The problem of socialization is analyzed on contemporary research in this area, offered a new perspective on its status in the social philosophy that meets the needs of a knowledge-social personality development prevailing in society today.