The problem of the definition of the «transitional judge» in the modern philosophical and legal discourse

The article carries out a philosophical and legal analysis of existing approaches to the definition of "transitional justice" and forms the author's position regarding its understanding. Two features of the emergence of the model of transitional justice are singled out: 1) the studied model is built on practical experience, and later became the basis of theoretical studies on transitional justice; 2) this model arises at the initiative of the international community as a reaction to repeated violations of human rights.


High-frequency (HF) and ultra-high-frequency (UHF) power measurements are applied in various industries both in the development and design of radio-electronic equipment and in testing, commissioning, or repair. Since such measurements are one of the basic types of measurement for metrological support in the field of radio engineering and communication, it is necessary to ensure metrological traceability of the calibration of working standards and measuring instruments to standards on fundamental constants in wide frequency and dynamic ranges.

Application of the “smart power” by the soviet authorities in strengthening public cooperation between the Ukrainian SSR and the French Republic

In the article, the preparation and conduction of the Ukrainian exhibition by the Soviet leaders at the Marseille Fair is researched. The management experience in achieving objectives by the Ukrainian Soviet authorities is studied. Specific proposals on the effectiveness of public cooperation between Ukraine and the French Republic are given.

Populism as a question of public administration: historical aspect

The article analyzes the main factors influencing populism on public administration in the historical aspect. It has been proved, as experience shows, that populism has always occupied a special place in the implementation of programs of political leaders and parties and their interrelation with public administration. Populism remains an actual phenomenon of socio-political life in many countries of the world.

Stage analysis of dynamics of public organizations in the context of interaction of the state and civil society

Problem setting. The current development of Ukraine as a state, which constantly announces its path as irreversibly democratic, makes for more effective cooperation between state authorities and civil society institutions in all spheres of social and political life.

An outstanding philosophical and legal work (to the 200th anniversary of the publication of hegel's «philosophy of law»)

The article analyzes the role and place in the history of philosophical and legal thought of the published work «Philosophy of Law» by the German thinker G.V.F. Hegel. Written 200 years ago, it is considered to be one of the most profound and relevant works in which Hegel creatively based on his dialectical and philosophical method and methodology analyzes the complex processes in the socio-political, legal, economic, moral, psychological and religious life of civil society and the state.

The principle of creating a "smart" electricity meter in electric traction networks with stochastic electromagnetic processes

Voltage and current are sharply variable random (stochastic) processes in traction networks of DC electric transport systems. As a result, electronic and hybrid electricity meters used in electric systems measure electric power with a large relative error that significantly exceeds that of their accuracy class. In this paper the principle of developing smart meters for accounting the electricity transmitted from traction substations to electric rolling stock through a traction network is proposed.

Step-continuous phase power control of multi-section resonant inverter

The method of step-continuous phase power control of a multi-section resonant inverter on the basis of parallel connection of half-bridge inverter sections is proposed. Step power change consists of the commutation of synchronized step-controlled sections and continuous power control at power intervals between commutations is realized by the phase shift of pulses of a continuous-controlled section relative to the pulses of step-controlled sections.

Main difficulties of organization of elite work process in Ukraine in the modern period of development

The article outlines the main difficulties of organizing the work of the management elite in Ukraine in the modern period of its development and presents the basic practical principles for improving the work of the elite in the modern conditions of state development. Thus, it is determined that the process of organizing the work of the elite today due to the development of various socio-economic changes is somewhat problematic, because it is the representatives of political elites can not ensure appropriate economic and social development in public administration.

Mathematical study of energy characteristics of centrifugal pump with single-vane impeller

In the article, the design of a centrifugal pump with a single-vane impeller is described and a theoretical calculation of such a pump is provided.  The analysis of experimental investigations and the comparison with theoretical calculations are carried out.  For the first time, the operating characteristics of a pump with a single-vane impeller of this type are obtained for different values of the rotation frequency.