Задачі оптимізації структури та змісту онтології та методи їх розв’язування

In the paper the evaluation of the optimization problems that arise during the automatic ontology building on its structures and content. Formed a series of such problems. The methods and algorithms for their solution.

Інфологічна модель концептів української жестової мови

Entity-relationship model of concepts for building a translation system of the Ukrainian Sign Language is developed. Adequacy of the entity-relationship model of parallel sentences "Ukrainian Spoken Language - Ukrainian Sign Language" is investigated.

The genesis of the concept of violence in the theory of criminal law

The article discusses the history of the concept of violence in the theory of criminal law. The modern approach to the interpretation of criminal violence. Attention is focused on the main features of the concept of violence that are important for the correct legal assessment of the criminal acts. Generalized conclusion about the priority and importance of criminal law approach to the definition of domestic violence related jurisprudence.

The concepts and categories as the basis for science tax law of Ukraine

In the article on the basis of the dictionaries, encyclopedic and legal literature analyzes the currently existing definitions of “concept” and “category”. Reveals their importance in tax law of Ukraine. Determined author's understanding these terms in tax law of Ukraine.