The Problem of Defining the Concept of National Development of Ukraine in the Post-war Period

Problem setting. Starting from February 24, 2022, the whole world lives in a new reality – in the conditions of a full-scale war against Ukraine deployed by the Russian Federation. Russia’s military aggression carries through the information and semantic war, which, according to its authors, can justify all atrocities and be their ideological cover. There is a denial of the conceptual definition of the democratic development of social and power relations in Ukraine and their subordination to totalitarianism.

Theoretical aspects of legal culture perception

Abstract. The main theoretical approaches to understanding the concept and essence of legal culture, its historical development and formation are revealed. The article considers certain definitions of legal culture, including in the branch of law and public administration, formulated by a number of scientists, who mainly focused on the following subject matters of legal culture: law itself, legal awareness, legal relations, law and order, legitimate activities of participants in public relations.

Formation of the concept of development of public transport in a big city

Problem setting. In general, the current level of integration and globalization processes requires a significant optimization of the existing transport system and its maximum adaptation to the requirements of European standards for the provision of transport services for the movement of passengers within urban agglomerations. The elimination of vertical state planning, financing and control in the field of public transport has caused a kind of chaos in the transport sector, because a new model of management and development has not been formed.

Improving the Efficiency of Management Mechanisms of Health Care Institutions

The article summarizes the theoretical foundations of public and domestic management mechanisms in the field of health care. The essence, structure and functional orientation of mechanisms in the theory of management and the specifics of their formation for health care institutions are revealed. The analysis of the level of validity of the existing theoretical and methodological bases of construction of mechanisms in the system of national and internal economic management in the medical field, their practical efficiency and effectiveness in modern Ukrainian conditions is carried out.

Peculiarities of Choosing a Strategy for Development of Domestic Enterprises on the Basis of Analysis of Strategic Alternatives

The semantic load of the concept of “strategy” is analyzed, it is determined that the meaning of this term has changed over the last hundred years depending on the object and subject of research; The main three key concepts of strategy definition are considered, namely classical, conceptual and complex, which were singled out by Western scholars and which were partially supported by Ukrainian, as well as philosophical and organizational-managerial concept, which are singled out by purely domestic scientists.

Truth and Concept, or What a Concept in Philosophy of Henri Bergson Is, and What It Is Not. Afterword to the Ukrainian Translation of the Henri Bergson’s Letter to Richard Kroner

The Letter to Richard Kroner was written by Henri Bergson in the end of November 1910. It is translated into Ukrainian for the first time. In the letter, Bergson sheds a bright light on tiny and usually invisible but very important details of his doctrine about truth and concepts, in particular creating new concepts.

Media and Inter-Confessional Conflicts: the Problem, Concepts and Visions

The article analyzes the topic of interfaith conflicts in the media. Attention is paid to the relevance of the research, which is caused by the processes of church and religious life of the state. Another reason for the urgency is due to the internal political processes in Ukraine. These processes are shaped by certain socio-political shifts (electoral processes, revolutions, etc.), as well as Russia’s geopolitical influence on the state through the Church. Actually, these aspects of the problem can be distinguished from journalistic materials. They are also the basis of visions.

Development of DSTU ISO 860 “Terminology work. Harmonization of concepts and terms” new edition

The article deals with new version of the national standard DSTU ISO 860 “Terminology work. Harmonization of terms and concepts”. The changes of ISO 860 standard and the problems, which have arisen during its translation in Ukrainian, are analyzed.

The formation of key segments of cognitive linguistics terminology (diachronic and synchronic aspects)

The article deals with the main historical stages of development of the components of the cognitive linguistics terminology. The main concepts of cognitive linguistics are defined as well as the stages of development of cognitive linguistics as a science. The basic concepts of the term system of the researches scientific paradigm are distinguished. The frame model and types of frames as the basis of description of the conceptual world view are outlined. The main approaches to the definition of the term «concept» are described.