Development of DSTU ISO 860 “Terminology work. Harmonization of concepts and terms” new edition

The article deals with new version of the national standard DSTU ISO 860 “Terminology work. Harmonization of terms and concepts”. The changes of ISO 860 standard and the problems, which have arisen during its translation in Ukrainian, are analyzed.

The formation of key segments of cognitive linguistics terminology (diachronic and synchronic aspects)

The article deals with the main historical stages of development of the components of the cognitive linguistics terminology. The main concepts of cognitive linguistics are defined as well as the stages of development of cognitive linguistics as a science. The basic concepts of the term system of the researches scientific paradigm are distinguished. The frame model and types of frames as the basis of description of the conceptual world view are outlined. The main approaches to the definition of the term «concept» are described.

Legal terminology of the Ukrainian language and the process of its creation

The article is devoted to the law terminology as one of the oldest layer of terminology vocabulary in Ukrainian language. The article analyses main features, summarizes information about the current state and perspectives of modern law terminology. It also differentiates the concepts of “term”, “terminology” and “terminology system”.

and life and deleuze and literature (Comments to Ukrainian Translation of the Deleuze’s Essay “Literature and Life”)

Gilles Deleuze's “Literature and Life” was published in 1993 in the collection of essays "Critics and Clinique". The essay is translated into Ukrainian for the first time. In the essay, the French philosopher demonstrates his own interpretation of literature and literary process. The text is full of concepts and ideas developed and offered by Deleuze in his previous works: “Proust and Signs”, “Logic of Sense”, “Zola and the Crack-up”, “Anti-Oedipus”, “Kafka: Towards a Minor Literature”, “A Thousand Plateaus”, “and Dialogues”.

The Quintessence of Information Security of a Cyber-physical System

The quintessence of an information security (IS) of cyber-physical systems (CPS) was presented, which is deployed on the level of complex security system (CSS) creation paradigm and conception as well as the CSS universal platform in the field “threats – profiles – tools”; it is also implemented in the part of CSS integral model of cyber-physical system “iPhone – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – sensors” and cryptographic protection of CPS wireless communication environment based on block data encryption of algorithm “Kalyna”.

Security of Cyber-Physical Systems from Concept to Complex Information Security System

A conception of multilevel complex security system (CSS) of cyber-physical systems (CPS) was developed; dimensional model of information-technology state (ITS) was proposed; informational model of CSS cyber-physical system “iPhone – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – sensors” was created; software of symmetric block data encryption of “Kalyna” algorithm was realized.

The Key Aspects of Atmospheric Air Ecological Monitoring Concept Formation at the Urban Systems Level

The key aspects of atmospheric air ecological monitoring concept formation on the urban system have been analyzed. The principal scheme of concept construction has been proposed. It has been defined that the concept has to be built on the anthropocentric approach. The samples of atmospheric air ecological monitoring unsolved issues on the urban system of the town of Kremenchuk (Ukraine) have been taken to concretize the integral parts of the concept with defining goals, objectives, statistic results and dynamic indicators of the concept implementation.

Philosophical concept of law

In the article provisions of the main philosophical and legal theories aimed at explaining the meaning and essence of law and order. Shows the common and different in different theoretical and methodological approaches, the necessity at the present stage of development of the philosophy of law build an integrative concept, which would objnull positive achievements
of the existing theories.

Concept of law: philosophical outlook

The article is an attempt to research the logical analysis of the concept of law as the basis for a system of philosophical ideas about it. Following the analysis of a significant number of scientific papers concluded that the content of the law in some way dependent on the philosophical foundations of law. The problem of philosophical foundations of philosophy of law, methodological principles defined philosophical school of the designated topics.