legal regulation

Family mediation as a mode of dispute resolution in family legal relations

The article analyzes the place of the institution of family mediation in the settlement of family legal relations in general, and family disputes in particular, substantiates the importance and effectiveness of introducing this institution into the legal system of Ukraine as an alternative to the court.

Legal restrictions are a specific method of legal regulation

Abstract. The analysis of scientific sources provides grounds to assert that legal regulation is the regulation of social relations carried out through law and the entire set of legal means. The concept of "regulation" (from Latin regulo - rule) implies organization, adjustment, and bringing something into conformity with something else. In our view, to regulate means to define the behavior of individuals and their collectives, to direct their functioning and development, to provide certain limits, and to organize them purposefully.

Internally displaced persons as a special object of social protection in Ukraine

The article is devoted to the study of certain issues related to the social protection of internally displaced persons in Ukraine through the prism of security and economic aspects, which are the main ones for this category of persons. It is emphasized that the issues of migration processes throughout all the years of Ukraine's independence were quite acute for our state.

Improving the efficiency of the legal regulation of fixing damages inflicted to military personnel in the course of combat actions

In the context of the norms of international humanitarian law, the article examines the improvement of the effectiveness of the legal regulation of recording injuries inflicted on servicemen during hostilities. The object of the study is the legal regulation of recording injuries inflicted on servicemen during armed conflicts. The subject of the study is the development of norms used during armed conflicts to record injuries to servicemen.

Legal regulation of settlement operations in banking spheres of Ukraine

 Abstract. The article is devoted to the study of legal regulation of settlement operations in the banking sphere of Ukraine. The current state of the economy and its financial components, at a time when our state is under an aggressive military attack by the Russian Federation and the introduction of martial law in Ukraine in connection with this, necessitates a meticulous attitude to certain industries and spheres of society's life.

The role of legal regulation of information security of minors on the internet

Legal regulation is an effective, normative and organizational impact on public relations through a system of legal acts (legal norms, legal relations, individual prescriptions, etc.) with the aim of their ordering, protection, and development in accordance with the relevant social needs.

Ecologization of agriculture: legal aspect

The article is devoted to the analysis of regulatory and legal support  of ecologization in the field of agriculture and prospects for its improvement.

Ecologization of the agricultural sector is ensured by legal norms contained in laws and by-laws. In general, the norms of environmental and agrarian legislation of Ukraine regulate the relations of environmental protection and nature use in the field of agriculture.

Mediation as an alternative way of resolving family disputes

The article examines and analyzes family conflicts and the importance of mediation as an alternative way to resolve them. The nature of family conflicts, the peculiarities of family relations and the importance of a constructive resolution of this type of conflict are considered. It was determined that family mediation allows to take into account the high emotionality of family conflicts and is therefore very effective in confusing life situations.

Legal aspects of fighting disinformation in the european union: lessons for Ukraine

Аnnotation. The article "Legal aspects of combating disinformation in the European Union: lessons for Ukraine" describes and analyzes in detail the problem associated with a large amount of false, manipulative and extremely harmful information that every modern person has to face. Special attention is paid to the legislative regulation of the information sphere, measures aimed at improving information security in the European Union and Ukraine.