local self-government

The reform of local state administrations in the context of decentralization power in Ukraine

In the article is devoted to the problems reformations in local state administration.
Theoretical models of formation order, adoption and realization of managerial decisions in
local state administration are developed. There are defined problems of decentralization
reforms in Ukraine

Features of municipalmanagement are in foreign countries

The multilevel systems of state administration are examined in the article, what characteristic for the modern democratic states. The mortgage of the normal functioning of these difficult systems is a correct decision of problem of relations between the levels of power in any state. Given out on the face of it, that this problem is related to the decision of questions about distribution of plenary powers, responsibility and activity of different imperious structures.

The essential characteristics of local self-government

This article is devoted to research additional methodological aspects of the nature of local self-government, its place and role in society. The author made an analysis of different interpretations and understanding of local self-government and considered the main causes of the hypothesis in humans needs to self-organization.