information society

Consulting support of the project management development in conditions of society informatization

The article justifies the necessity of changing the management paradigm in the emerging information society. It is proved that project management is a determinant factor in cooperation of businesses during globalization. The processes of consulting environment formation as the basis of information support and the expansion of the project management application scope are analyzed. There are proposed measures to improve the project management methodology and to promote its dissemination.

Технічні аспекти опрацювання комп'ютером природномовної інформації

The article deals with technical problems of natural language information processing by computer caused by the presence of multiple character encoding standards and non-compliance by users with spelling and punctuation rules. The necessity of previous technical processing of such texts before their use in scientific researches as well as in various information systems has been grounded.

Legal analysis of innovative displays phenomena of law in the information society

The article discusses the changes of aspects in phenomena of state and power in globalization. Particular attention is paid to the value of the information component of variable transformations. Trends in the development of law in the information society are identified. The components of the transformation of legal space are specified, particular attention is paid to virtualization of law as a modern phenomenon of contemporary reality.

Legislative regulation of areas as the basis of information information security states

The article deals with the administrative and legal regulation of information sphere of the state, including such important aspects as information security, which in today's conditions is very important for Ukraine in the context of existing threats.