Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of Isaiah Berlin's Article "The Purpose of Philosophy"

The foreword focuses on the life of Isaiah Berlin, his interests, as well as the article “The Purpose of Philosophy”, which is translated into Ukrainian for the first time. Isaiah Berlin's metaphilosophical reflections on philosophy are important for understanding what is the place of philosophy in the system of sciences, what tasks philosophy can solve. This article also explains the value of philosophy for society and man.

The Worldview Interpretations of Philosophy and the Problem of Its Scientific Status (Research Article)

 The article discusses the issue of the essence and scientific status of philosophy. The case is made that philosophy is essentially related to worldview, because it revolves around the most general questions about the world, a human being, and its place in the world – worldview questions, or Big Philosophical Questions. This does not mean that philosophy is a worldview, or a collection of worldviews, or a science about worldviews.

An outstanding philosophical and legal work (to the 200th anniversary of the publication of hegel's «philosophy of law»)

The article analyzes the role and place in the history of philosophical and legal thought of the published work «Philosophy of Law» by the German thinker G.V.F. Hegel. Written 200 years ago, it is considered to be one of the most profound and relevant works in which Hegel creatively based on his dialectical and philosophical method and methodology analyzes the complex processes in the socio-political, legal, economic, moral, psychological and religious life of civil society and the state.

Does Philosophy Form or Inform? (Review of Pierre Ado’s Book “Philosophy as a Way of Life” / trans. by O. Yosypenko. – Kyiv: New Acropolis, 2020. – 312 p.)

The review includes a book by Pierre Ado, a French philosopher, philologist and researcher for ancient and medieval philosophy. The main idea of the book is to find an answer on the question: does philosophy form or inform? In this way, the author tries to actualize the fact that philosophical discourse and philosophical life are inseparable. He believes that the recognition of philosophical life as one of the poles of philosophy will help to find a place in our modern world for philosophers who will not only renew philosophical discourse, but also direct it into their lives.

Richard Rorty and the Expediency of History of Philosophy (Foreword to the Ukrainian translation of Richard Rorty’s article “The Historiography of Philosophy: Four Genres”)

     For readers of the journal, we propose the first Ukrainian translation of the article "Historiography of Philosophy: Four Genres" by the American postmodernist philosopher Richard Rorty, in which he considers possible strategies of historic-philosophical researches and their role in the development of philosophical thinking.

Interdisciplinary Approach as One of the Most Effective Approaches of Teaching Philosophical Disciplines (Overview of International Internships in the Scientific-Educational Program “Philosophy & Economics” at the University of Bayreuth, Germany).

The purpose of the overview is to illustrate the didactic, pedagogical, scientific aspects of the relevance of an interdisciplinary approach in teaching philosophical disciplines, using the example of the Master’s and Bachelor’s Programs «Philosophy & Economics» at the University of Bayreuth in Germany.

Theory and Practice of Education, Learning, and Upbringing in the Lviv-Warsaw School (Review of Olha Honcharenko’s monograph “Philosophy of Education in the Lviv-Warsaw School. Kamianets-Podilskyi: Ltd. “Printing House ‘Ruta’, 2018. 476 pp.”)

  The review analyzes the content of Olha Honcharenko’s monograph “Philosophy of Education at the Lviv-Warsaw School”. The Lviv-Warsaw School is known as a school of early analytical philosophy, in which much attention was paid to logic, analysis of concepts, and rejection of irrationalism in philosophy. However, in a reviewed monograph, representatives of the Lviv-Warsaw School appear as theorists of education, pedagogy, and didactics.

Philosophical and legal sources of citizenship

In this article I try to analyze the philosophical and legal sources of the concept of citizenship, its essence and legal nature. Specifically, I want to emphasize the ancient chronologic political and historical phase of its evolution, when the concept of citizenship was founded with the precise philosophical and legal interpretation and legislative adoption, which
remains duly till now.