sedimentary rocks

Application of x-metering for stratigraphical separation and corelation of geological section in the northern edge of the Dniepr-Donetsk depression

Magnetic susceptibility of sediments in the northern edge of the Dniepr-Donetsk depression was analyzed. Possibilities of c-metering implementation for vertical division and investigations of geological cross-section, also as correlations of defined elements were shown.

Spatial correlations of pelite silt rocks in the sedimentary cover of the Novogradskiy block (Volin megablock of the Ukrainian shield)

Purpose. The goal of the research is to identify spatial trends and patterns in concordant bedding of sedimentary rocks, first of all pelite silt rocks of the sedimentary cover of the Ukrainian shield, using the Novogradskyi block of the Volynskyi megablock as an example, and based on that to forecast, at least several features of the geological structure of the cover. Methodology. The method of statistical comparison has been applied.

Application of X-metering for specification of facial boundaberies of the center zone of the Dniepr-Donetsk depression

Aim. Sediments of Solohiv suite (upper Visean) were investigated to show capebilities of -metering in adjustment of facial boundaries. This sediments correlates with productive horizons (PH) B-23, B-22, B-21 and productive layers from micro-fauna (MF) horizon XIIa in Dnipro-Donetsk Depression. Investigated Chervonozavodske and Lucenkivske deposits have commons features in structure and lithographic of PH.