Spatial correlations of pelite silt rocks in the sedimentary cover of the Novogradskiy block (Volin megablock of the Ukrainian shield)

: pp. 57 – 70
Received: October 07, 2016
Centre for regional geological studies of the state enterprise “Ukrainian geological company”

Purpose. The goal of the research is to identify spatial trends and patterns in concordant bedding of sedimentary rocks, first of all pelite silt rocks of the sedimentary cover of the Ukrainian shield, using the Novogradskyi block of the Volynskyi megablock as an example, and based on that to forecast, at least several features of the geological structure of the cover. Methodology. The method of statistical comparison has been applied. For this reason, series of statistical values has been determined concerning the expansion of sedimentary rocks over the territory of investigation. The following primary data of the descriptions of wells, prevailing fractional composition of rock, layer thickness, stratification, the number of wells were the basis for calculation. Results. The data on space distribution of rocks relative to each other were obtained. Spatial correlations, positive and negative, of pelite silt rocks were determined both between each other and between those rocks and psammites. They are expressed in increased frequent or sporadical joint availability in comparison with the frequency of availability beyond distribution field of each other, in sufficiently different average thickness in the fields of their joint availability and beyond them. It is shown, that some sedimentary rocks mainly occupy higher and lower position in section relative to another rock. A means of detecting indirect prospecting indicators has been developed which can be used for any sedimentary rock. Such prospecting indicators have been identified for the rocks under the research. Originality. The used method of statistical analysis of sedimentary rocks is represented for the first time. It can be used both for stratified and non-stratified rocks. It help to reveal hidden correlations in sedimentary rocks, but its main advantage is forecasting the possibility with rather high probability of several specific features of geologic structure of crystalline shield surface. Practical significance. The applied statistical method is minimally expensive and can be used both in prospecting works in the sedimentary cover of the crystalline basement and in regional works on this and other territories of the Ukrainian shield.

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