Directions for legislative improvement of the activities of main departments of justice

In this paper, the activities of the State Registration Service of Ukraine and the State Enforcement Service of Ukraine are examined. The proposals to change certain provisions of regulatory legal acts are presented. The recommendations for collaboration between Main Departments of Justice and the public are made.

Legitimacy of power as a legal phenomenon and its manifestations in the conditions of democratic transformation

The article analyzes the issue of the legal nature of legitimacy, which is the main attribute of public authority in the process of interaction with civil society institutions. It is a necessary condition for the functioning of public power in a democratic transformation conditions that ensures political stability and law and order in the state. Legitimacy includes three basic elements: justice, legality, and expediency, which are closely interrelated.

Administrative framework principle of legality in public administration

The authors elucidate the meaning and essence of governance and ensuring the principle
of legality in its activities. After all, the principle of legality lets you operate the system of
public administration, carry out meaningful impact on social relations, to provide
management services and so on

Legal doctrine of national sovereignty and legitimacy of the government in france during the nineteenth century

The article contains the analysis of the development history of the national sovereignty
doctrine and legitimacy of the government in France during the nineteenth century. It
indicates that the mentioned doctrine is significantly different from the one offered by Jean
Jacques Rousseau in the eighteenth century. It was based on the idea of natural human rights,
which are the main criteria for democratic legitimation, and the idea that legitimacy is not a
constant feature of public authority and therefore requires constant moral recognition within