Control and supervision of the execution of judicial decisions by penitentiary institutions in Ukraine

The article presents the content, classification and meaning of the control over the activities of penitentiary institutions, examines the problem of the relation of control and supervision, considers the specific features of procurator’s supervision over law compliance in penitentiary institutions in the execution of judicial decisions in criminal cases, highlighted the role of civil society institutions in penitentiary government action.

Control of charge of supercapacitor’s battery as device with diffusion properties

There has been analyzed the charge processes in a battery of series-connected supercapacitors and developed the fractional differential-aperiodic regulator for a model of fractionally-integrated section for SIMULINK with high accuracy and fast performance at the fixed calculation step. The proposed model is an improved version of the supercapacitor that takes into consideration the diffusive processes and parameters’ variation on change of the current polarity.

Optimization of unsteady operating modes of gas mains

We consider the problem of operating mode control of compressor stations to ensure optimal operating mode of the main gas in a wide range of gas transmission volumes for the different options of initial and boundary conditions. We propose an adaptive algorithm of designing control actions, which ensures optimality criterion and does not violate existing technological limitations.

Experience of accounting and analytical maintenance of “maslosoyuzom” in the first half of the twentieth century

Reveals the importance of historical research establishment and development of
accounting and analytical support for the system analysis of the current practices and current
research in the subject field of economics. Deals with the historical experience of accounting
and analytical maintenance of “Maslocoyuzom” which was a leader in the processing of milk
at Western in the first half of the twentieth century, including the structure and content of the
accounting and analytical information to support the appropriate management decisions in

Organization of internal control mortgage operation in the bank

Reveals the importance of stable functioning of the banking sector on the effective functioning
of the national economy. Shows the importance obyektyvnosti banking information flowto regulate
general economi cprocesses and their adaptation tointernational standards ofd isclosure of banking.
The results of the analysison the level of efficiency of embedded systems vnurtrishnoho audit paid to
existing problems according ambush approaches in the implementation of this subsystem Banking
Supervision modern conditions of functioning of banks.

Control in the system of accounting and analytical support enterprise management

The article studies the subsystemof control as a part of accounting and analytical support for
management of enterprise taking into account that control (like planning, organizing, motivating and
regulating) is one of the basic functions of management. The role and control the process a decisive
influence on the financial, economic and commercial activities of the company.
Shows signs of specific sub-control system of accounting and analytical support management.