Related control and supervision in the activities of the ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine

The article is devoted to the study of the relation between control and supervision in the activities of the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The basic approaches to the definition of the terms «control» and «supervision» in legal science are analyzed.

Improvement of the Quality Management System for the Building Materials Production Enterprises

The article describes the importance of implementing and monitoring a quality management system based on the example of the building materials industry. A concise analysis of the market according to the recent years` indicators was conducted, which highlights the industry importance in the domestic economy. Among the qualitative factors affecting competitiveness, the main tool is the production quality management system.

Accounting and Analytical Support for Formation of Enterprise Economic Security Costs and Their Controlling Process

The article reveals the interdependence of enterprise property preservation and quality of information for ensuring management and controlling processes efficiency. The dependence of economic security on qualitatively-formed accounting and analytical support for such purposes is substantiated. It is analyzed the enterprise’s activities in terms of economic security formation by rational costs, in particular the influence of spent financial resources on employees’ physical and moral security, formation of intellectual property, etc.

Constitutional and legal status of the judicial authority in the USA: historical and legal aspects

In the article, based on a thorough analysis of the Constitution of the UnitedStates
(1787), the Judgment Act of 1789, a significant number of scientific literatureclarifies the
historical and legal aspects of the constitutional and legal status of thejudiciary in the United
States. The order of appointment (election) of judges in theUSA is investigated. The
advantages of the organization of the US judicial system, theappointment of federal judges,
and certain shortcomings in the implementation oflegal regulation have been identified.

The theoretical approaches to determine the economic essence of “regulation”

The article presented the views of different scholars on the definition content of "regulation". This concept was derived from "regulate" and that has been represented in many sources were found. It was considered the author of a number of scientific resources were analyzed and identified the major common features in the studied categories. The basic part of research was divided into two parts : focus on regulation as a function of component management, and studying its subtypes on governmental level. The purpose of the article was to study the semantic content category "regulation".

Some aspects of control on the quality of higher education in Ukraine

The research is devoted to the actual issues of control in the higher education system. The concept of control in the system of higher education is analyzed in detail.
 According to the author, the draft Law of Ukraine “On Education”, incorporated the changes in Ukrainian legislation in the direction of European integration processes, as well as the positive experience of exercising control in the system of higher education abroad.

Тhe border control and its meaning in the counteraction to illegal migration

The article analyzes the legal regulation of border control. The features of this kind of state control established on the basis of statistical data and comparison with the provisions of the Schengen law. The measures are aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of border control identified in the system of counteraction to illegal migration.

Improvement of Schematic Diagrams Control System of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in the Vertical, Multi-level Separator

Improved structure schematic diagrams control system pulsed electromagnetic fields in an upright multi-level separator. Introduced in the scheme controls current in the electromagnet and elements of operational and long-term memory mode separation materials.