Dynamics of a fishery with nonlinear harvesting: control, price variation, and MSY

In this paper, we construct and analyse a new fishing mathematical model, which describes the time evolution of a fish stock, which is harvested by a fishing fleet, described by its fishing effort.  We consider that the price, which is given by the difference between supply and demand, is varying with respect to time.  For the harvesting function, we use the Holling II function.  On the other hand, we consider two different time scales: a fast one for the price variation and a slow one for fish stock and fishing effort variations.  We use an "aggregation of variables" m

Banking control in Ukraine: problems of implementation and adaptation to international standards

The article revealed that the current national legislation of Ukraine, unfortunately, does not have a legally regulated concept of "banking control". Scientific doctrine is multifaceted and contains diametrically different interpretations. Without pretending to the completeness and redundancy of the analysis of existing views on the nature of bank control, we will formulate the author's definition of "bank control".

Further results on the regulation problem for linear systems with constraints on control and its increment

The regulator problem for both discrete-time and continuous-time linear systems is considered.  The control and its increments are under non-symmetrical constraints and the domain of constraints includes the origin on its boundary.  We derive necessary and sufficient conditions which ensure the satisfaction of all the constraints and also the asymptotic stability by a state feedback. An illustrative example shows the application of our method.

Legal provisions regarding involvement in private life in criminal procedural law

The Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine distinguishes between investigative (investigative) and covert investigative (investigative) actions. It is to covert investigative actions - interference in private communication. Communication is the transmission of information in any form from one person to another directly or through any means of communication. The article is devoted to the problem of defining the concept, content and extent of interference in private life in criminal procedure law.

Improvement of the information security of the management system

The study is aimed at researching ways to improve the information support of the management system using software. The authors determined that automation allows to reduce the time required to perform basic management functions, it is used for calculations and analysis, design, quality control, planning of all operational processes, hiring and accounting of employees, etc. An information system is a combination of technical, software and organizational support, as well as personnel, designed to provide the right people with the right information in a timely manner.

Maintaining the balance of power between the city council and the mayor in the federal state of Brandenburg

The relations of power between the city council and the mayor, and their balancing mechanism are examined. The classification and analysis of the criteria for determining the balance of power, the status and the role of main local self-government bodies in the federal state of Brandenburg, are carried out. The proposals for further improvement of the model of internal relations of local authority in Ukraine are laid down.

Difference between “state control” and “state supervision”: normative-legal aspects

The article analyses main approaches to the definition of content of concepts “state control” and “state supervision” both in the national science of public administration and in legal science, and reveals their interpretation in individual legal acts. The main differences between control and supervision as the components of control function of public administration are identified and basic approaches to their legal interpretation are shown.

Principles of Monitoring and Control of the Network of Charging Stations of Electric Vehicles

This paper explores the principles of construction, monitoring, management, and safety organization in the network of charging stations for electric vehicles. The use of elements of modern client-server technologies and elements of cyber-physical systems in such networks is offered. The basic structure of the cyber-physical control system of the charging station network has been developed. Network server and client tools have been researched and developed. Structural and functional server solutions and client parts are submitted.

Procedural activity of the National police in the implementation of the control and supervision function

The procedural activity of the National Police in the exercise of the supervisory function has been investigated. The theoretical aspects of control and supervision in the context of administrative and procedural activity are considered. The stages of control proceedings, their sequence and content are analyzed. The stage of preparation for carrying out control and supervision measures, the stage of carrying out these measures, the stage of decision making, the stage of reviewing the implementation of the decision are characterized.

Related control and supervision in the activities of the ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine

The article is devoted to the study of the relation between control and supervision in the activities of the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The basic approaches to the definition of the terms «control» and «supervision» in legal science are analyzed.