state administration

The interaction of political and administrative components in governance

In the article the political is investigated and administrative component systems of state administration. The spheres of their activity and function are determined, what of them execute in the process of state administration. Found out contradictions which arise up in the process of co-operation of these constituents of state administration.

Actual questions of informative and prognostication providing in state administration system in Ukraine

In the article analysed informative and prognostication providing of state administration. Was analysed basic problems informative and prognostication providing of state administration and possible ways of their decision.

The construction of an effective state in the modern world: an analysis of concepts and approaches

Within the limits of this article the theoretical and methodological analysis of the essence and main concepts of constructing an effective state is described, it describes it as a new quality of the state organization of society, the theoretical identification of an effective state presented by various national schools is implemented, conceptual and methodological contradictions concerning its understanding are revealed, the main problems, which characteristic for the construction of an effective state within the limits of national research schools, methodological aspects concerning the co

Legal bases of transformation of human resources management in the system of civil service of Ukraine

Problem setting. Ukraine is on the path of systemic institutional transformations, which consist in modernization of the civil service and human resources management, formation of a new personnel policy with the use of modern HR technologies, the implementation of which is impossible without proper legislative support.

The information system of state administration and actuality of its implementation in Ukraine

The importance of using modern software and hardware in the life of a citizen and the state was described. The issue of integration of information technologies and achievements of computer technologies in activity processes of government bodies in various spheres are considered, examples of accessible electronic resources available to citizens of Ukraine, which help to solve the issues of interaction between a citizen and the state, are given, their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed.

Formation of Mechanism of Industrial Potential Development State Administration

The article reveals the substance of the category of “mechanism” and analyzes approaches to its formation as an element of the management system.  Conceptual principles of management mechanism of industrial potential development using subject-object approach are defined. There are identified the elements of the state administration mechanism based on micro- and macroeconomic “resource – result” models and on the receipt of the best possible result with the optimal combination of different functional blocks.

Features of municipalmanagement are in foreign countries

The multilevel systems of state administration are examined in the article, what characteristic for the modern democratic states. The mortgage of the normal functioning of these difficult systems is a correct decision of problem of relations between the levels of power in any state. Given out on the face of it, that this problem is related to the decision of questions about distribution of plenary powers, responsibility and activity of different imperious structures.