seismic danger

The estimation of geodynamic conditions and seismic danger of most important object in Ukraine at the light of new data

The article dedicated to discussion about existing methodical approach on estimation of geodynamic conditions and seismic danger of most important objects. Change of seismic mode of platform part of Ukraine presents the geodynamic and seismic danger for acting, building and designed objects. Ukraine required the normative document, which regulate the types and amounts of the studies in given area.

Seismotectonic terms and proposed scheme seismological monitoring location area Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant

Purpose. The purpose of research is the need to study in accordance with the IAEA recommendations of local seismicity, to highlight local seismically active structures; obtaining records of local and distant earthquakes, industrial explosions and special explosion, microseisms. Methods. Methods of choosing the best option placement of points seismological vantages (PSV) in the area of accommodation Zaporozhe NPP based on identifying tectonically active faults that could be identified as areas of occurrence of earthquake foci (ONE), or the potential zones of ONE. Results.

On possibility of seismotectonic zoning of the Ukrainian shield and identification of seismogenic structures

Purpose. The aim of research is the need to show the example of the Krivorozhske seismogenerating zone, the possibility of seismic zoning of the Ukrainian Shield (USh) based on a comprehensive analysis of geological, geophysical, seismic, seismotectonics parameters as well- characteristics geophysical fields and structural features of Ukrainian Shield. Methods.