On possibility of seismotectonic zoning of the Ukrainian shield and identification of seismogenic structures

: pp. 320 - 322
Received: August 19, 2013
Subbotin Institute of geophysics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Purpose. The aim of research is the need to show the example of the Krivorozhske seismogenerating zone, the possibility of seismic zoning of the Ukrainian Shield (USh) based on a comprehensive analysis of geological, geophysical, seismic, seismotectonics parameters as well- characteristics geophysical fields and structural features of Ukrainian Shield. Methods. Schematically seismotektonical zoning ancient platforms is as follows: prepare consolidated catalog of earthquakes for the study area and adjacent regions; studied makroseysmical information about the real the existence of seismic effects on the main remote and local earthquake zones in the study area; it creates a database of geological-geophysical and seismological data; it is based on the structure of the seismogenerating allocated - zones of origin of hearths of earthquake (OHE), potential areas of OHE. We construct a map seismotectonics. Results. The on-time standing within the platform part of Ukraine marked increase in the number of  local earthquakes. Therefore there is a need for the OHE regions, potential areas OHE of in limited of the Ukrainian Shield and its slopes. To highlight areas of OHE  necessary highlight seysmotektonical  structures, which are tectonically active faults (faults, setlennye of geological and geophysical data, on which the shift in the Quaternary period (1 million years) or set the bias current) and seismically active faults - faults, which are associated with past or current seismogenic manifestations (solutions earthquake, paleoseismodislocations, seismodislocations). Krivorog-Kremenchug fault I rank (KKR) within the Ukrainian Shield has a length of over 600 km. Well expressed in the geophysical  fields and  spaceaerophotographys. Provided as an active in the Neogene-Quaternary of localization linear landforms. In the area of KKR data are available about the manifestation of 10 seismic events with MLH from 1.6 to 4.2, including - earthquake 24.06.2013y.; with =48,01; = 33,37; Hkm=15 (±21); MLH=4,2 (Pre. Data, Obninsk). All of the above confirms the recent tectonic activity Krivorog-Kremenchug fault and allows you to select it as seismotektonical fault I rank. Originality. For the first time given a detailed geological and geophysical, seismological, seismotectonic characteristics Krivorog-Kremenchug fault as seismogenerating zone  representing the seismic hazard for the territory of the Ukrainian Shield. Practical significance. The results of research will evaluate the seismic hazard Zaprozhe NPP; other especially important objects and perform seismotectonic zoning of the Ukrainian shield with further construction of seismic zoning map scale of 1: 500 000 - 1: 1000 000.

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