wavelet transform

An adaptive wavelet shrinkage based accumulative frame differencing model for motion segmentation

Motion segmentation in real-world scenes is a fundamental component in computer vision.  There exists a variety of motion recognition algorithms, each with varying degrees of accuracy and computational complexity.  The most widely used techniques, in the case of static cameras, are those based on frame difference.  Those methods have a significant weakness when it comes to detect slow moving objects.  Therefore, we introduce in this paper a novel approach that aims to improve motion segmentation by proposing an accumulative wavelet based frame differencing technique.  Moreover, in the propo

The Features of Microcontroller Systems of Digital Signal Processing

The possibility of creating inexpensive and widely available real-time signal processing devices to solve scientific and technical tasks based on a microcontroller, which is an alternative to the use of specialized digital signal processors, has been investigated. It is shown that the bit rate, clock speed, instruction speed are the basic parameters that are necessary for the implementation of algorithms for digital signal processing based on the microcontroller.

Object Temperature Estimation Based on Their Noise Characteristics With Wavelet Signal Transform

The article provides a brief analysis of existing types of noises based on various physical sources of origin. It is shown that thermal noise is most appropriate for temperature estimation. To increase the sensitivity and accuracy of the estimation of such noise from temperature changes, it is proposed to use the wavelet area of signal conversion. The measurement system is based on signals processing in the time-frequency area.


An article focuses on the development, research and implementation of algorithmic, hard- and software devices for controlling and diagnosing complex dynamic industrial objects. In the course of the research, the industrial object was selected, its main technical characteristics were determined, its base units were examined, and the most vulnerable sites were identified. There were the heaters of the heating zones, which correspond to the infra-frequency processes, and the bearings of the rolling gear reducer, which correspond to the high-frequency processes.

Group Anonymity: Problems and Solutions

Existing methods of providing data anonymity preserve individual privacy, but, the task of protecting respondent groups' information in publicly available datasets remains open. Group anonymity lies in hiding (masking) data patterns that cannot be revealed by analyzing individual records. We discuss main corresponding problems, and provide methods for solving each one

Statistical signal processing of acoustic emission and their parameters

The methodological principles of the processing of acoustic emission signals for nondestructive testing of metal and observing the dynamics of developing defects. Statistical analysis of information AE signal parameters is based on search of the following information attributes: the average value of the amplitude of individual signals, the average interval between single acts amplitude variance, the variance of intervals, the correlation coefficient between the values of the amplitudes and intervals, the observation of the current implementation.

Efficiency Analysis of Wavelet Transform in Hidden Data Problems

Today embedding digital watermarks is one of the most effective means of protecting intellectual property. The paper made a comparative analysis of different wavelets, investigated under different coefficients of embedding and embedding in different sub bands for transformation methods for hidden data transmission using wavelets.

Information technology improving the spatial fragmentation of digital satellite images based on ica- and wavelet transform

The paper presents information technology that improves the spatial separation of multichannel images. The results show that the proposed method can have a better trade-off between spectral and spatial information. Moreover, compared with ICA fusion method, it can not only improve the spatial resolution of fused image, but also eliminate the drawback of spectral distortion of ICA fusion method in local regions.