The social network Instagram has long gone beyond the entertainment platform where you can only share photos and short captions to them. Now it is a full-fledged resource for popularizing your own content and sharing it on other social platforms, in particular Facebook. Since its foundation in 2010, this social network regularly optimizes its functions, which simplifies the work for users. Today, every popular domestic media outlet, as well as many powerful persons of the state, is registered in Instagram and get things working well here.


Modern media not only (such as radio, newspapers, television or online journalism), but also the full range of media (e.g. theater, music, exhibitions, cinema, drama, opera, visual arts etc.) promote narrative – interpretive both the journalist and the audience the contexts of the realities referred to in the journalistic presentation. But with the introduction of holistic systems of ideologically united mass media, the narrative is no longer characterized by the temporality or length of interpretations.

Specificity of Coverage of Scientific and Popular Thematics on the Example of “Science and Technology” (BBC Ukraine) and “Techno” (New Time)

The article deals with the specifics of the coverage of popular science materials on the site of the BBC Ukraine and Novoe Vremya in the sections “Science and Technology” and “Techno”. Content of headings, frequency of output of materials, genres, specificity is analyzed. Emphasis is placed on the special role of popular science journalism in educating a new generation of scientists.

Information service for ratings of commercial content

The article critically analyzes four methods of evaluating the rating of commercial content of the Internet service, namely: "Just plus"; "Plus / Minus"; "Star"; "Combined". The basis of the development of the information service model is the "Star" method, since it provides a detailed evaluation with a fixed scale of values. The mathematical support of the "Star" method for calculating the content rating has been constructed and optimized.


The results of scientific research concerning features of regional news of Luhansk and Donetsk regions are examined in this article as well as empirical analysis of possibilities of TV channels of beforementioned regions and monitoring of expectations of recipients who live on the edge between the territories occupied by Russia and the territories under control of Ukraine.

Тhe peculiarities of conflicts representation in mass media

The article deals with the journalist covering of conflict processes. The conflict is regarded as the important content- and form-driving element of journalistic texts. The author analyzes how the field of conflict is represented with content, genre and plot-compositional means of journalism. The peculiarities of media coverage of such parameters of conflict processes as structure, typology, reasons, dynamics, and functions are clarified.

Content Integration Andmanagement Method of Information Resources Network of the City According to the End-user Needs

The paper of the method of integrated processing of heterogeneous information resources Web-systems for their integration and the subsequent management is described. A new approach to application and implementation of business processes for the construction of these Web-systems is formulated. The methods and software tools of content and information resource processing as the content life cycle stage inWeb-systems are developed.

Administrative and legal basis of the regime of the detention of illegal migrants in the places defined by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

The article analyzes the provision by the bodies of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine of the regime for keeping irregular migrants and the specifics of the legal regulation
 of such activities. The legal nature and individual elements of this regime are established. Legislative trends in the implementation of international standards in the practice of detention of detained migrants have been determined.

The Methods and Means Development of Intelligent Systems Building of Information Resources Processing Using Ontological Approach

The article discusses the development of unified methods and software tools for processing information resources. The models of information resource processing are proposed. A new approach to application and implementation of business processes is formulated.