symbol vs image: to the question of terminology variability

The article deals with the correlation between the notions of symbol and image. The main attention is paid to the interpretation of symbol and image in various areas of Humanities, which allows to reveal substantial features of these terms. The terms “symbol” and “image” in semiotics and cultural studies have been analyzed. The interrelation of the terms “artistic symbol” and “artistic image” in literary theory has been discovered. According to the approaches to the study of linguistic terms, their terminological variability is substantiated.

Method of image symbol recognition on the basis of convolutional neural network

In this article, a system of handwritten or printed text recognition in the image has been developed. Empirical methods of image processing and statistical models of machine learning and simulation are being developed in two directions: the detection of text on the image and the recognition of the text. Thus, in this paper, algorithmic software tools that combine these two areas in the software created for the operating systemiOS 11.0 or later for devices of the company Apple – iPhone, iPad that support this operating system are developed.

Encryption and decryption of grayscale and color images

Images used as a stochastic signal are among the most commonly used types of information. Accordingly, the actual task is to protect such images from unauthorized access and use. This leads to the use of known classic encryption methods in the case of image encryption. Offered algorithms of encryption-decryption are intended for the use of images in grayscale and are based on using the ideas of basic RSA algorithm. Encryption – decryption can be carried out with extra noising and without too.

High rise building of the futurewithin visual consciusness of the XXI century


На основі короткої еволюційної інтроспекції образу висотної будівлі показано взаємозв’язок світоглядних, суспільних, виробничих факторів, що в ті чи інші періоди приводили до трансформації образу висотної будівлі від її виникнення в рамках “чиказької школи” до її перспектив на ХХІ століття.

Selection of methods for Searching Some or Similar Images

The article describes the research of image analysis methods. The methods of indexing images for the search of duplicate images, as well as methods for finding similar images based on the definition of key points are described. The prototype of the system was created, and testing of the described methods was carried out. The result of the analysis became the basis for the information system project of reverse search of similar or identical images.

До питання про прискорений вибір значення коефіцієнта кросинговера в задачах передискретизації зображень

 A new method for rapid automatic detection values of crossing-over operations in the of the image preprocessing tasks, which based on the divergence matrix operators. Experimental results shown high resistance of method to image processing with fluctuation of intensity function. Comparing the results of the proposed method with the results for the existing, showed acceleration automatically select the crossover factor that significantly reduces the necessary computing power for its operation. This leads to the possibility of he effective usage in preprocessing of large-size images.

Рекурентні бінарні перетворення з елементами RSA і додаткове зашумлення під час шифрування/дешифрування зображень.

The algorithm encryption-decryption recurrent images with clearly visible outlines binary linear forms and using elements of the RSA algorithm as the most resistant to unauthorized access to signals.

Railway stations as part of the architectural identity of the region

The railway station buildings are regarded in accordance with other buildings in the process of creating the architectural identity of historical lands. The formation of compositional and stylistic types of railway station buildings, their location in Galicia (Halytchyna), Bukovina (Bukovyna) and Transcarpathia (Zakarpattia) is tracked, and the ways of their localization are identified. The main focus is on small railway station buildings. The tendencies of modern state and utilization of the railway station buildings are defined considering the processes of highly developed countries.

The management of cultural institutions and their image on the basis of the institutions of wrocław municipality

The essence of the problem in the present market environment is the adjustment of the cultural institution’s offer to modern culture audience – their requirements and tastes. In order to fulfil the difficult task of managing such institutions, the leaders need to constantly follow the missions of these institutions and – at the same time – manage them in a “marketoriented” way and consciously create their image. One of the responses to the present culture consumers’ trends in experiential marketing.