Improvement of Business Processes in Modern Shipping Companies in the Field of International Sea Freight Transportation

In a market economy, there are a significant number of shipping companies that compete with each other and fight for maximum profits in a highly competitive environment. Competitive advantages lie in the plane of organization of the fleet, which relate mainly to the management of shipping companies. Operators of shipping companies establish tactical and strategic cooperation with freight forwarders and other participants in the logistics chain for the successful implementation of business processes and subprocesses.

Methods for the determination of external obsolescence of the commercial real estate-case study

The purpose of the study. Solving the problem of the calculation of aggregate obsolescence of a real estate object in general and external obsolescence in particular, as being less investigated and described in scientific papers is a topical issue. A topical issue being investigated and described in scientific papers is the problem of calculating the aggregate obsolescence of a real estate object, particularly its external obsolescence.

Improvement of legal regulation providing administrative services

The article addresses the problem of improving the legal regulation of administrative services in Ukraine in the context of adapting national legislation to the European Union. Analyzes the concept of “administrative services”, the ratio of administrative and public services, the principles of administrative services, standardization in this area, the administrative and legal regulation of administrative services, directions of improvement of legislation aimed at improving quality.

Providing conditions for self-improvement as prevention of deviant behavior of juveniles

This article is devoted to the importance and merits of prevention of deviant behavior of a minor, the experience gained from previous generations of developments abroad, statistical information and analytical department providing MIA of Ukraine.