Management of innovative changes on the enterprise

The radical reform of the management mechanism, its focus towards market models of globalization of the economy, and the substantiation of changes in investment decisions are relevant. Such problems arise both at the level of primary business entities, and in the higher levels of management of the international corporation brand Renault.

The assessment of the change in the effectiveness of the project is carried out at the following stages:

The controversion of Ukrainian heat energy generation

The structure of electrogenerating capacities of the countries of the Europe and Ukraine is analysed. Dynamics of cost of a fixed capital of the enterprises of branch of generation of the electric power in Ukraine is analysed. Dynamics of a level of gross domestic product of Ukraine and the countries of the world is analysed. Problems of use of primary traditional alternative energy sources in Ukraine are revealed. Priority ways of progress of thermal and alternative power of Ukraine it is allocated.

Economic evaluation of the mechanisms of attracting corporatization-focused investments

The modern interpretation of the investment concept is analyzed. The modern methods of investments economic evaluation are presented. The nature of investments-attracting mechanisms is defined. A method of investments-attracting mechanisms economic evaluation is proposed.

The expediency and methodology of enterpise profits, expenses and financial results from transactions with capital investments

According to the normative documents for the organizing and conducting of accounting
in the Ukrainian enterprises, it is provided that accounting of profits, expenses and financial
results should be carried out by certain types of economic activities (operational, financial and
investment activity). But there is no methodology recommended for the activities of capital
investment. In this connection, the articles describes the necessity of establishment on the
enterprises the systematic financial accounting of profits, expenses and financial results from

Special economic zones: foreign experience and perspectives for Ukraine

The actual problem of creation and functioning of special economic zones (SEZ ). We study the experience of Poland, where currently there are 14 SEZs, the invested 100 billion zlotys of foreign investments created several hundred thousand jobs. We develop the statistics on the dynamics of SEZ in Poland and the investors. The discussion questions are marked on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the SEZ. In Ukraine, currently there are 10 SEZs , involving about 600 million dollars of foreign investment.

Modernization of industrial enterprises as an important precondition of their competitive potential development

An attempt is made to analyze and generalize the effect of main organizational and technical as well as economic factors which can accelerate increase of competitiveness of the industrial production potential of Ukraine. Their content and scope of influence in the dynamic conditions of scientific and technical progress acceleration and hard competition are described. 

Modernization of the social sphere fixed capital as a factor of Ukrainian economy development

The nature of such concepts as «a social sphere» and «a social infrastructure» is investigated. The analysis of conditions and processes of investing fixed capital into the social sphere of Ukraine is done. Based on the analysis, the main objectives and the expected results of the social sphere fixed capital modernization are identified. The qualitative criteria of the modernization efficiency are outlined.

Innovative investment type of economics as a condition for its effective functioning

The necessity of the national economy transition to the innovative way of development is substantiated. The main characteristics of such a transition are presented. The experience of foreign countries and the advantages from introduction of  innovations  at  an  enterprise are generalized. The interrelation and interaction of investments and innovations are determined. The importance and place of investments in the innovative-type state are proven. 

Formation of the favorable information and investment environment as a basis of developing structural business shell

The  article  analyzes  the  development  of  integrated  corporate  structures  in  Ukraine, defines  their  advantages  and  disadvantages.  Trends  of  forming  global,  more flexible  and adaptive economic structures in the world practice are investigated. The authors proved the expediency  of  presenting  integrated  corporate  structures  in  the form  of  structural  business shell.  Their  advantage  is  determined  by  the  necessity  of  forming  more  attractive  and transparent investment vehicles for investors.

Dynamics of production assets and evaluation of investments to ensure their reproduction

The article proposes a methodological approach to determining the rate of productionassets growth depending on  a  number of technical  and  economic parameters, including the assets service life, the ratio of fixed and working capital components, return on assets and so on. Resource support reproduction parameters with the account of such options as using ownfunds  and  borrowed  funds  are  considered.  The  obtained  quantitative  regularities  areinterpreted on an example of solving problems related to taking investment decisions.