The role of public-private partnership in transport infrastructure restoration in Ukraine

Problem setting. Significant attention has been paid to the attraction of investments in the development of transport infrastructure in recent years. However, the imple- mentation of modernization projects in this sector has stopped due to military actions on the territory of Ukraine. Public-private partnership projects  could be a good tool for involvement the investment in this field. But public-private agreements are still not fully used in Ukraine.

Prospects of using public and private partnership for the reconstruction of Ukraine in the post-war period

Problem statement. Because of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian people and the authorities face demanding challenges regarding the reconstruction of the country. One of the main priorities during the recovery in the post- war period is to find new, alternative sources of financing, in particular, using the advantages of public and private partnership (PPP).

Improvement of Regulatory and Legal Environment of Public-private Partnership in the Field of Road Transport of Ukraine

Problem setting. Economic development is very important in the processes of positive transformations  of the country, a large part of ensuring economic growth is transport infrastructure, one of the main types of which is road transport. Recently, the Ukrainian economy has been weakened by the global crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the worst thing that has happened so far is the extremely difficult martial law and the Russian invasion with a full-scale war against Ukraine.


Purpose - The purpose of the article is to study esports market, analyse data on esports dynamics in the world and Ukraine and possible investment areas of esports and its investment attractiveness.

Design/methodology/approach –  Conducting the research, general scientific theoretical research methods have been used, namely, analysis, synthesis, systematization, explanation. The method of abstract and logical generalization was applied to study and analyze scientific publications, analytical reports, and legal documents.

Public assistance in the development of special economic zones in ukraine

Problem setting. Ukraine has suffered enormous economic losses in recent years. The intense decline in key macroeconomic indicators, the collapse of production and the physical destruction of industry in the occupied territories, the high proportion of depressed regions, the rapid decrease in the inflow of foreign investment and the deterioration of the investment climate induce to look for new instruments of economic growth. In world practice, the special economic zones are the powerful instruments for economic growth.

Marketing instruments for attracting investments in territorial communities

Problem setting. Ukraine has significant regional imbalances in attracting investment. The most attractive for investors is Kyiv city, where almost 50% of foreign investments are accumulated. At the same time, other regions remain unattractive for investors. The unsatisfactory situation in the regions is a reflection of unfavorable investment climate and requires the use of new tools to attract investment. The use of marketing tools can stimulate the inflow of investment into small cities and communities.

Foreign Trade Relations Between Ukraine and China: Main Directions of Development

The article is devoted to the problems of developing foreign trade relations between Ukraine and China, as China ranks first in terms of trade among other trade partners of Ukraine. The article analyzes the reasons for China’s interest in Ukraine and possible benefits for our country. The countries’ export, import, foreign trade turnover, and foreign trade balance indicators are studied. The calculated indicators allowed us to state a positive trade balance for most goods, which indicates the advantage of exports over imports.

Problems and prospects of investment support of ukrainian enterprises under european integration conditions

This article considers the problems and prospects of investment support of Ukrainian enterprises under European integration conditions.

A review of literature sources on the problem of investment support.

The dynamics of capital investments in the industry of Ukraine for the period 2015-2019 years is analyzed. The structure of foreign direct investments (share capital, debt instruments) in Ukraine for the period 2015-2019 years is analyzed. The structure of capital investments by sources of financing in Ukraine in 2019 year is investigated.

Public–partner potential and public–partner attraction of territorial entities

Diagnosing public-partner potential and public-partner attraction of territorial entity is necessary to position and present the advantages of territorial entity to potential private partners. Not only this problem is specific to such entities, for example within a region, but it also has an interregional nature (i.e. when there is a competition between regions about investments based on public-private partnership).