Principles of developing a web application for monitoring employee skills

Summarizing the definition of the concept of "skills" from the reviewed literary sources, we determine that: skills are a combination of knowledge and skills that a person has acquired during his life. To improve skills, you need to choose certain tools (trainings, seminars, webinars, online courses, refresher courses, reading special literature, etc.). Personal qualities and attitudes of young people are important in choosing tools and achieving results. As part of this study, the principles of building a web application for monitoring the skills of employees were designed and developed.

Дослідження алгоритмів паралельного опрацювання інформації в базах даних

The paper has been devoted to the problem of reducing the time of information processing in databases.
It is suggested to use distributed databases for quick search and analysis of queries. In them the
information is distributed and stored on several devices. For the interconnection of all data and quick
search, it is proposed to use the method of column indexes, which takes into account the similarity of
data and provides the ability to find information by key, even if it is distributed on different devices. This

Informational and analytical providing of activity of operative subsections in counteraction crimes in the field of economic

A concept and maintenance of the informaciyno-analitichnogo providing of activity of
operative subsections is considered in counteraction crimes in the field of economics. Methods
and tasks of the informaciyno-analitichnogo providing activity of operative subsections are
described. Certainly basic ministries and departments as sources of receipt of necessary
information for providing of counteraction the noted crimes. Outlined factors which specify on
improper informaciyno-analitichnogo providing of activity of operative subsections in

Розроблення інформаційної системи оцінювання поширеності відомостей про матеріали наукових конференцій

The method of proceedings prevalence estimation is presented in this paper. The authors describe peculiarities of creation and functioning the database, as consolidated information resource designed to store information about conference proceedings, their evaluation and analysis. 

The use of economic-mathematical modeling and modern technologies in the optimization of enterprise’s marketing distribution policy

The basic approaches of distribution channels formation of enterprise are analyzed, the stages of sale channel strategy development are studied. The modern trends of sales channels development related to direct marketing are analysed. The processes of development, maintaining and usage of customers, suppliers and mediators databases are considered in order to establish and develop contacts with them, advantages and disadvantages of the databases usage are overviewed. The appropriateness of economic-mathematical modeling usage to optimize marketing distribution policies is justified.