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Online Fundraising as the Main Innovative Tool of Non-profit Organizations

The article deals with the dynamics of online fundraising in Ukrainian non-profit organizations, analyzes its tools and features, describes the main tendencies in using online technologies, examines new formats, opportunities, effective tools for the development of non-profit sector and identifies processes,that are necessary for effective functioning of non-profit organizations in context of digitalization due to the transition to online format. The world experience of various models regarding the application and use of online technologies is analyzed.

Popularization of Commercial Internet Resources With Use of Social Media

A methodological basis for building a decision support system for the promotion of commercial online resources using social media technologies was developed by the authors in the article. An analysis of the features of search engine promotion using social networking technologies and services has been carried out, which revealed that, currently, the implementation of the latter requires the use of new approaches to promotion. An analysis of SMOs and SMMs promoted models was carried out, which allowed us to identify the main factors that are used to promote commercial online resources.

The role of social media in the young consumers market – case study for Poland and Germany

This text aims to present the general characteristics of the Internet and social media in Poland and Germany, taking into account the group of young consumers. Background to this observation are the characteristic of young consumers, in particular their role in the market. The purpose of the authors is also to show the role played by the Internet and social media in the market of young consumers.

The use of Facebook for marketing purposes among SMEs as a modern marketing method – research results from Poland

Over the last couple of years social media have transformed the way in which marketing is carried out. The aim of this article is to present barriers that prevent SMEs to use Facebook for their marketing purposes. This article presents the research results carried out in Lodz Voivodship in Poland.