Online Fundraising as the Main Innovative Tool of Non-profit Organizations

The article deals with the dynamics of online fundraising in Ukrainian non-profit organizations, analyzes its tools and features, describes the main tendencies in using online technologies, examines new formats, opportunities, effective tools for the development of non-profit sector and identifies processes,that are necessary for effective functioning of non-profit organizations in context of digitalization due to the transition to online format. The world experience of various models regarding the application and use of online technologies is analyzed.

Research of the Metal-plastic Window Industry of Ukraine and Directions of Activation of Them by Manufacturers of Internet Technologies

The industry of metal-plastic window structures is quite developed: this product is popular in many countries of the world. In Ukraine, the window market is growing relatively slowly compared to previous years, by 2019 and the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a market growth of 5-7%. The growth rate and development of the market depend significantly on the dynamics of con- struction, which is negatively affected by the bureaucratization of the process of obtaining permits (for construction or reconstruction).

Analysis of the information component of the interaction of public organizations of medical staff with state authorities

The article examines the state of the Internet representation of medical personnel public organizations in the context of the regions of Ukraine. In particular, the reflection of the activities of such public organizations on the official sites of regional health care departments and/or regional state administrations is analyzed. The activities of the public association “Lviv Regional Association of Medical Sisters” (NGO “LOAMS”) as a typical representative of such organizations are considered in more detail.

Digital marketing and social networks

The rapid development of digital communication technologies, the spread of Internet access to the population, the growing number of smartphones, increasing the number of social network users and other factors are the reason for the sharp growth of online operations and services in recent years. In 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic was added to this list of factors, creating an additional impetus for the growth of online business. This situation causes significant changes in the implementation of marketing activities by enterprises.

Information management system of academic journals and conferences of Lviv Polytechnic

Running editorial board of a scientific journal or organizing an academic conference (including managing its program committee) is a complex multistage process that requires effective information Lviv Polytechnic National University Institutional Repository 22 management with application of modern information and communication technologies. These activities are usually cyclical, repeating with each new journal issue or recurring event.

Аналіз позиції та перспектив позиціонування Львівської політехніки у вебометричному рейтингові університетів світу

In this paper the Webometrics Ranking of World’s Universities and the position of Lviv Polytechnic National University in this ranking were analysed as well as universities’ positions improvement.

Концепція створення веб-сайта Національного університету «Львівська політехніка»

Розглянуто концепцію створення та розвитку офіційного комплексного веб-сайта Львівської політехніки як засобу подання сучасного університету у глобальному інформаційному середовищі.

In this paper we consider the main points of Lviv Polytechnic National University website development conception as the means of modern university positioning in the global information environment.

Концептуальна модель ресурсу для організації туристичних подорожей

The article analyzes the need for the introduction of modern information technologies for effective performance of a tour operator and the whole tourism business in general.

Case on the dissemination of information on the internet: contradictions judicial practice

The relevant jurisprudence European Court of Human Rights, European Court of Justice and domestic courts on the dissemination of information on the Internet is analyzed in the article. Certain differences in approach of the courts to resolve disputes of this category is noted. It is emphasized that the position of the higher courts about the possibility of liability of
the owner for the site posted comments on it generally meets the legal position of the European Court of Human Rights.