innovative activity

Information technologies for ensuring protection of intellectual property rights: administrative and legal aspects

Abstract. The article is devoted to a comprehensive study of technologies designed to protect intellectual property rights. The scientific basis for the study of information technologies for ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights is analyzed.

Substantiation of the model of innovation activities of the system of public authorities: conceptual bases

Using methodological provision for rational decision-making technology, systems and systems activity approaches, the structure of the innovative activity aimed at updating the effectiveness of the system of public authorities is grounded. Besides, this type of activity is presented as an open system combining the set of internal and external components: the first ones are formed by interacted innovation activities of system-wide, functional and instrumental levels; the second ones include resources, opportunities and favorable preconditions as well as basic types and means of maintenance.

Legal policy in the field innovation and intellectual property

The article explores the legal policy of innovation and intellectual property. The necessity of innovative development of Ukraine as one of the main factors of socio-economic development is substantiated. The approaches to defining the essence of the category of innovative activity are analyzed and the problems of legal regulation of innovative deliberation in the context of intellectual activity while ensuring the innovative development of the country and regions are identified.

Game-theoretic approach to optimization of innovative activities of managing subjects

Methodological approaches to optimize innovation, production of improved products by business entities are developed. Methodological approaches to optimize innovation, production of improved products by business entities are developed. Practical issues of production due to the proposed optimal strategy are presented. The optimal variant for the production of improved products is calculated. This allows them to obtain greater profitability through implementation of products.

Innovative investment type of economics as a condition for its effective functioning

The necessity of the national economy transition to the innovative way of development is substantiated. The main characteristics of such a transition are presented. The experience of foreign countries and the advantages from introduction of  innovations  at  an  enterprise are generalized. The interrelation and interaction of investments and innovations are determined. The importance and place of investments in the innovative-type state are proven.