Organisational support for the development of public-private partnership

Statement of the problem.  Currently,  there are many problems and unresolved issues that hinder the processes of effective implementation of projects between the state and private business. Accordingly, it can be argued that there is a need for in-depth scientific research on the functioning of public-private partnerships, which actualises the direction and topic of the research in this article.

Propaganda, Disinformation, Strategic Communication — How to Improve Cooperation in CEE Region?

A paper deals with possibilities and opportunities for cooperation in Central and Eastern European region in the field of information security with particular emphasis on media influenced by Russia. My point of departure is that the information threats to societal security is external and they have relevant impact on the sustainability, conditions for evolution, of traditional patterns of language, culture and religious and ethnic identity, custom and values.

Cooperation of subdivisions of law enforcement authorities of Ukraine is in counteraction of contraband goods of narcotic facilities: theoretical and applied aspects

In the article a concept and maintenance of co-operation of law enforcement authorities are exposed in counteraction to contraband goods of narcotic facilities. Features and modern tendencies of criminality, that induce law enforcement authorities to realization of cooperation, are certain. Basic principles and forms of cooperation of law enforcement authorities are outlined in counteraction to contraband goods of narcotic facilities.

Communications system for IT-developers

Article is dedicated to solve difficulties concerning establishment of the communication system providing compatible work conditions for territorially separated project team members and problems, which occur during the cooperation process between associates of development team.

During the process of problem solving following solutions were proposed. Specified type of communication, remote communication. The classification system of remote communication, which further was used as the basis model of communication system for IT companies’ usage.

Legislative origins of the interaction of government and public institutions in the implementation of measures on social rehabilitation of persons released from punishment

The article presents a study of the mechanism of legal regulation of cooperation of government (national and local) authorities and public institutions, within the limits of their functions shall exercise the powers aimed at helping those who have served criminal penalty in the first place - in the form of imprisonment.

University company cooperation development in Ukraine

The university company cooperation (UCC) plays great role in economic, innovative, technological and scientific development. For more than 25 years, many Ukrainian business and academic leaders have high interest in cooperation and mutual research between their companies and universities. Only a few universities had cooperation with enterprises, mostly in technical area. The aim of the article is to underline the key points of UCC and to present proposition of mutual cooperation development in Ukraine.

Functioning and development of network organizations

The modern business environment turbulence manifests itself in the growing complexity and variability of operating conditions. Dynamics of social and economic changes in the field of clients’ needs or innovation requires collaboration with other entities. The issue of so-called network organizations, which constitute a particular interaction space for relatively independent entities and created because of their common or individual goals, is becoming more and more important.

The problems of identification of integrated structures in a competitive environment

The approaches to determining the theoretical content of the integrated structures are considered. In this article the aim, objectives and role functioning economic structures integrated in the national economy of Ukraine are considered. The characteristic of the assets of the integrated structures, their share in various fields is showed. Directions of their functioning in the context of globalization and increased competition are determined. The main criteria for their classification and types of integrated companies are defined.

Analysis of integration processes in agribusiness and agro-food formation of clusters in Ukraine

The modern relationships between the units of agro-industrial production during the
transition state of the market economy in Ukraine are analysed. The conclusions about the
creation of favorable conditions for the effective management of the agro-food business are
made, in particular building of the integration food-chains between the agro-enterprises that
have to change the traditional production chains. The creation of agro-food clusters for
combined solution of the development problems of the agrarian enterprises is offered in order

Cluster structuring of economics: world practice of building and developing clusters

Establishing and developing different institutions, and encouraging their cooperation to ensure efficiency of the cluster-type structures are studied on the cases of different countries. The cluster structuring of economics that provides economic stability and sustainable growth, has  become  the  basis  of  economic  policies  in  many  developed  countries.