University company cooperation development in Ukraine


Shcherbata T.

Lviv Polytechnic National University

The university company cooperation (UCC) plays great role in economic, innovative, technological and scientific development. For more than 25 years, many Ukrainian business and academic leaders have high interest in cooperation and mutual research between their companies and universities. Only a few universities had cooperation with enterprises, mostly in technical area. The aim of the article is to underline the key points of UCC and to present proposition of mutual cooperation development in Ukraine. The article presents the ecosystem model that includes main types of partnership relations (in R&D, mobility of students, commercialization of R&D, curriculum development and delivery, lifelong learning, entrepreneurship and governance), target audience (stakeholders) and strategic factors of cooperation creating (strategies, structures, activities and framework conditions). Cooperation development in Ukraine depends on ages of academics working in the university, ages of leaders working in business, the area of knowledge, the type of university, the location of representatives. The main barriers of cooperation between university and company and their influence on the Ukrainian environment are presented. The key barriers of cooperation development in Ukraine include: lack of financial resources, lack of contact people, corruption and bureaucracy. Also in Ukraine most academics are not engaged in cooperation with business. The win-win partnership benefits for students, academics, companies, government, society are shared in the article.

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