Intellectual Analysis of Transformation Process of the Algebra Algorithm Formulas

The processes of transforming the algorithm algebra formulas are described. The algorithm for calculation of geometrical parameters of unithrams is given. Synthesized, minimized, built a mathematical model and investigated the algorithm of the transformation process of algebra algorithm formulas.

Адаптивний синтез формул абстрактних алгоритмів

This article is about determination adaptation processes of algorithms formulas. The adaptation algorithm of formulas is resulted. Synthesized, minimized, and built mathematical model and probed adaptation algorithm of operation base sign.

Підсистема знищення формул алгоритмів

This article is about the determination of the process of deleting formulas of algorithms. The algorithm of computer deleting of formulas of algorithms was given. Synthesized, minimizing the mathematical model was synthesized, minimized and the algorithm of deleting of formulas of abstract algorithms was studied.