transaction costs

Management of transaction costs of enterprises

The essence and role of transaction costs are analyzed; it is shown that their share in enterprises is significant. Transaction costs, in particular, are defined as costs in the field of exchange related to acts of sale, transfer of property rights, emphasizing that they are not directly related to the production process of enterprises, but to organizational issues of their activities.

Accounting and Analytical Support of Fundraising Operations in Organizations of Non-profit Sector of the Economy

In the modern world, organizations that have based their activities not on economic but social benefits are becoming more widespread. Non- governmental non-profit organizations bring together individuals and/or entities for meeting economic, public, social, cultural, environmental and other interests, needs for political will, religious service, etc. Such organizations are usually not commercially active, so finding sources of funding or fundraising is an important component of their business activity.

The increasing of HR effectiveness on the basis of the Social Capital development

The article considers increasing the HR management efficiency by way of developing the social capital. The economic category of «a social capital» is analyzed. Peculiarities of the socio-economic factors of forming the social capital in current conditions are determined. The article also presents the general issues for future research in the field of human development.