Конкурентні переваги проекту системи підтримки прийняття рішень та фактори ризику

Описано конкурентні переваги розроблення та впровадження системи підтримки прийняття рішень. Наведено критерії оцінювання і можливі фактори ризику проекту СППР.

Description of competitive edges of development and introduction of the decision- making support system is offered in the article. Evaluation criteria and the risk factors of DSS project are resulted.


Technology of wine was open a very long ago, when man yet did not had vineyards,  but picked berries in-field and began to provide them for the future use. On the rest berries under the action of wild microflora juice rambled, forming primitive wine. Wine - not that other, as the vine juice canned in natural way by means of winy yeasts. The task of vine-makers is a permanent improvement of ability of tasting, bringing in to the estimation of Wiens of computer technique and other sciences, that would help objectively to estimate quality of wine.

Diagnostics of Investment Attractiveness of Business Entities in Conditions of European Integration

The article substantiates the relevance of unification, harmonization and development of the theoretical and applied base of diagnostics of investment attractiveness of enterprises in the conditions of European integration of Ukraine. The theoretical and legislative principles of diagnostics of investment attractiveness of enterprises are critically analyzed. Based on the study of domestic and foreign diagnostic practices, as well as the challenges of European integration, it is proposed to apply a comprehensive approach to assessing the investment attractiveness of enterprises.


The content of cost criteria in managing the processes of capitalization of corporations,
the content of the formalized financial statements of indicators, their value orientation and the
disclosure of characteristics of indicators and indicators in the systems and models of the
created value of the enterprise are considered. The possibilities of integration of tools for
measuring cost parameters and traditional indicators of financial (corporate) reporting are

Technology of optimal site selection for solar photovoltaic power plants using GIS and remote sensing techniques

Purpose. The use of ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants to generate electricity has increased substantially worldwide over the past decade. This growth has been driven by policy incentives such as feed-in tariff, as well as low cost and high performance of solar panels. As the use of solar PV farms grows, the need to find the best locations for them will also increase. Optimally siting PV farms is important for maximizing beneficial characteristics of projects while minimizing negative ones.

The criteria and forming components of integral index for effectiveness functioning of enterprise

It was grounded the importance of key performance indicators in the system of modern
enterprise management. It was analyzed the scientific approaches in estimating and analyzing
effectiveness activity of enterprise. According to the results of analysis of different scientists’
researches in subject field in was notioned the ambivalent character of enterprise performance
indicators, used in different scientific issues. It was pointed out the changes, that happened in
the theories of effectiveness and efficiency.

Analysis integration strategy and tactics business development

Reveals the importance of feasibility study in the process of objective criteria for stable
operation of the business in the context of integration of tactics and strategy of its
development, formulation parameters of efficiency. The urgency and the direction of analysis
and integration of strategies and tactics of business method and its implementation.
There area number of factors that cause imbalances in the strategy and tactics of
market reform at the national macro level that is not conducive to achieving the desired