Analysis integration strategy and tactics business development


Mnykh E. V.

Reveals the importance of feasibility study in the process of objective criteria for stable
operation of the business in the context of integration of tactics and strategy of its
development, formulation parameters of efficiency. The urgency and the direction of analysis
and integration of strategies and tactics of business method and its implementation.
There area number of factors that cause imbalances in the strategy and tactics of
market reform at the national macro level that is not conducive to achieving the desired
stability of individual economic actors, which has negative consequences in the context of the
attractiveness of entrepreneurship, and in the context of sustainable use and restoration of
economic resources. It is proved that in order to achieve high efficiency of strategic and
tactical management in business should generate qualitative analytical software, which not
only proves the validity of the strategic and tactical objectives, but the integration of tactical
decisions to implement long-term and short-term business strategy in all its dimensions.
Argued that the analytical evaluation through the prism of integration should be
performed crucial mission in the final interpretation of the practical administrative actions
without regard to the management functions. The attention that the most difficult is the process of feasibility study of correction of strategic goals and objectives for the real situation,
because long-term strategy requires prolonged immobilization financial resources at high risk
of achieving their return. Formulated the conclusion that the methodological tools and
organizational systems for its implementation allow for variability, rating parameterization
and integrated evaluation capabilities development in all areas of the national economy in the
presence of full information on the rules of its formation and through special surveys.