Analysis of Computer Code and Method Used in Thermal-Hydraulic Safety Justification of VVER Reactor Plants

This article presents the analysis of the calculation procedure and computer code KLAST used in calculations of the control rod dynamic characteristics during safety justification of water-cooled water-moderated power reactor plants. The code allows accounting for pressure differentials as a function of time occurred under the design conditions on the reactor core and on the drive extension shaft as well change of coolant density in the core.

Prediction of Thermophysical Characteristics of Fuel Rods Based on Calculations

The paper analyzes operating conditions, thermophysical characteristics were calculated as applied to WWER-1000 fuel rods in a four-year cycle for unified core. The paper gives a summary of models for calculating gas release, pressure of gases within fuel rod cladding, fuel swelling and thermal conductivity, fuel-cladding gap conductance. The thermophysical condition of fuels in a reactor core is one of the main factors that determine their serviceability.

Calculation by activity (activity-based costing) to drilling enterprise as a knowledge base formaking strategic management decisions

The methods of calculation of costs in the accounting system for the purpose of decision-
making in the strategic development of the company. Revealed differences in the various
methods of systematization of costs and calculation of production costs. The features of
approaches to different methods of calculation costs. Analyzed matching system for collecting
and processing information existing ata point in the methods of management, the
appropriateness of their use in the system of management accounting.