The need to ensure the quality of installation of large-sized structures made of tempered glass following Euro- pean standards is emphasized, the relevance of which is emphasized with the acquisition of the status of a candidate for the EU by our country. This provides access to the construction industry to European manufacturers and exports the products of Ukrainian enterprises abroad. Unification of requirements for both fitting tools and quality control tools during the deployment and operation of large-sized tempered glass products has been ensured.

Labeling requirements as one of the tools for non-tariff regulation of imports of Ukrainian food products to China

The article analyzes the dynamics and structure of international trade in Ukrainian food products with China. The opportunities of Ukrainian food producers to meet the demand of Chinese consumers are considered. The tools of the Chinese non-tariff trade policy regarding the import of food products (licenses, certificates of quality or compliance, certificates of origin, quality standards, requirements for packaging and labeling, legislative acts, sanitary and phytosanitary requirements) and their impact on trade with Ukraine are determined.


The article deals with the development of the reference means of support and metrological insurance required for  metrological  verification  and  calibration  of  beta  and  gamma  radiation  dosimeters.  The  latter  are  extremely  necessary  for dosimetric measurements of radiation characteristics in the field of radiation safety, radiation diagnosis and therapy.

Impact of technical and aesthetic parameters of the quality of package on the product demand

Demand for consumer goods is quite difficult socio-economic category. In the decision to purchase a particular product objectively influenced by factors such as the usefulness of product, price and income of buyer. Appearance of packaging, largely must to help shoppers navigate in the ocean products, introduces him to the principal advantage of goods and helps to make the right choice. Packing regarded as artistic and functional complex that includes three interrelated components: the material and constructive, communicative and informative and artistically shaped.

The issue of environmental certification as a function of state government

The article is devoted to the complex research problems of environmental certification. By the analysis of scientific literature and legal dictionary the concept and characteristics of environmental certification have been defined. The concept of environmental certification to consolidate on the legislative level has been proposed, through the enactment of law about environmental certification.

Overview of the Ukrainian language resources within the multilingual European MULTEXT-East project, v. 4

The article presents an overview of computational resources for the Ukrainian language within a multilingual European MULTEXT-East project (MTE, freely available for researchers since May 2010, including a formal representation of morphosyntactic specifications consisting of 1239 unique grammatical tags in the XML, TEI-5 compatible, format and a morphosyntactic lexicon covering over 200000 wordforms with lemmas and morphosyntactic codes.

Methodological approaches to accounting operations revenues non-current assets

The economic interpretation of the notion “income” in the scientific literature has been
considered that has made it possible to systematize the main ways of non-current-assets revenues to
the company. For this purpose the analysis of scientific publications related to the revenue fixed
assets in Ukraine for 2011-2013 has been carried out and two issues discussed by scientists have been
singled out: an accounting reflection of revenue fixed- assets transactions and their tax issues.