regional development

An Educational Component of the Personnel Support Problems of the Information Technologies Market

The problems of insufficient supply of qualified personnel for Ukrainian IT enterprises and the industry as a whole have been studied. The interrelation of regional indicators of specialists in the field of training and the quality of graduates of IT specialties of formal higher education is analyzed.

Regional programmes of small enterprise development as an instrument of public administration

The stages of implementation of regional development programmes in Ukraine, their place and role on all levels of small enterprise development and functioning under current conditions are considered. The priority directions and compulsory components of the regional development programme on the example of the Lviv region are proposed. The important problems hindering small enterprise development on the regional level, whose consideration and solution will have a positive future effect on the status of small business, are highlighted.

Basic regularities, principles and objectives of the regional management under modern conditions of administrative reform

The article defines basic regularities, principles and objectives of regional development management. The principles of state support of the regional development in the context of Ukraine’s European integration are analyzed. The conceptual approaches to the adoption and implementation of regional development strategies are proposed. Principles of formation of the budget of regional development in the context of the state development budget are grounded, and the model of regional development management is proposed.

Problems and prospects of strategic planning Of regional development

Problem setting. In the direction of balanced regional development, the state has the opportunity to use such a direct lever of influence on the process as strategic planning. At present stage of reforming of the system of public administration of regional development, its role and importance are especially growing, because strategic planning makes it possible to predict the further development of territories.

The Environmental Sustainability – Assessment of Regional Priorities for Air Pollution Reduction

The problem of reducing air pollution as key element of environmental sustainability by regional criteria was considered. The basic study approach is taken, according to which the quantitative analysis methods were used to define the relation between air pollution reduction and the relative reduction volume of its negative impact on the region's inhabitants.