artificial intelligence

Intelligent system for analyzing battery charge consumption processes

The article develops an intelligent system of analysis and neural network forecasting of battery charge consumption for automated vehicles (AGVs). For this purpose, the types of AGV and the methods of effective forecasting of their battery charge consumption were analyzed. It is established that they are based on optimal robot control processes; application of technologies to increase capacity and extend service life.

NAVIGATING THE FUTURE WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Review of: Kissinger H., Schmidt E., Huttenlocher D. The Age of AI. Berlin: Financial Times, 2022. pp. 266

Authors of the reviewed book analyse the history of technology development and draws attention to how artificial intelligence can change our habits and the way of life. They examine the opportunities and risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence in fields such as medicine, education and military technology. One of the key issues addresses in the book is the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence.

Implementation of smart irrigation using IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Water management is crucial for agriculture, as it is the primary source of irrigation for crops.  Effective water management can help farmers to improve crop yields, reduce water waste, and increase resilience to drought.  This can include practices such as precision irrigation, using sensors and technology to deliver water only where and when it is needed, and conservation tillage, which helps to reduce evaporation and retain moisture in the soil.  Additionally, farmers can implement water-saving techniques such as crop selection, crop rotation, and soil conservation to reduce their water

ALMA: Machine learning breastfeeding chatbot

Since the first computer, researchers always try to simulate human behave.  For Chatbots, one of the first goals is to interact with the user like a human using Natural Language.  For Health chatbots, another goal is as much important: be able to provide the correct answer to the user request.  Over Years, many health chatbots have been developed for many fields such as cancer, diagnosis orientation, psychiatrics, etc.

Ensurance of artificial intelligence systems cyber security: analysis of vulnerabilities, attacks and countermeasures

In recent years, many companies have begun to integrate artificial intelligence systems (AIS) into their infrastructures. AIS is used in sensitive areas of society, such as the judicial system, critical infrastructure, video surveillance, and others. This determines the need for a reliable assessment and guaranteed provision of cyber security of AIS. The study analyzed the state of affairs regarding the cyber security of these systems. Possible types of attacks are classified and the main ones are considered in detail.

Are You Scared of Humanity Re-engineering? Review of : Frischmann, B., Selinger, E. (2018). Re-engineering Humanity. Cambridge, United Kingdom; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. 235 p.

In the book “Re-engineering Humanity”, the authors show how strongly we should hold the development of technology and humanity in our hands. They convey all the responsibility we should be aware of, showing
incredible examples of re-engineering humanity. This book will convince us why it’s so important we embed technologies with human values before they embed us with their own.

Method of controlling a group of unmanned aircraft for searching and destruction of objects using artificial intelligence elements

The article develops a method of controlling a group of unmanned aerial vehicles to search for and destroy enemy objects.  The method is to recognize situations and adjust the actions of the group according to it.  The basis of the method is the use of an intelligent decision support system.  It provides situation recognition, using image recognition materials (intelligence materials), generalization of the obtained information and its comparison with the elements of the set of descriptions of typical situations.  The method of controlling a group of unmanned aerial vehicles to search for a

Computational approach to law: compatibility with human rights and current regulation

Problem setting. The development of information technologies and especially the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the problem of digitization of many areas of human activity, including law. Digital tools are increasingly used in the legal business, legal services, law enforcement, including administrative services and even justice. One of the most radical ideas in this area is the translation of legal norms into the form of program code, called “Computational Law” or computational approach to law.

Design of the system of automated generation of poetry works

 Features of designing a system of automated generation of poetic works, which opens up new opportunities for artistic speech and show business, especially the preparation of poems and songs have been considered. Quite often lyrics without special content become successful due to the lack of complex plots, as well as due to the unobtrusiveness and ease of perception by listeners. Well-known literature sources and available software products that can generate poetic works by combining different methods and algorithms are analyzed.