Linguistic terminology as object of scientific research in the late XX – early XXI century

: pp. 101 - 104
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

The article deals with the problem of the national linguistic terminology formation, which Vasyl Simovych was involved at the beginning of the 20th century. A qualitatively new type of language learning was found in a new synthesized textbook of a scientist. V. Simovych pointed to the theoretical and practical principles of studying the Ukrainian language, which he embodied in his grammar. The grammatical terms are used on the basis of working out a number of methodical manuals, textbooks of the Ukrainian language of that time.

At the beginning of the twentieth century the active practice of scientists was manifested in attempts to unify, in particular grammatical terminology. Scientists were well acquainted with the educational needs that arose in schools. Vasyl Simovych was also involved in the issues of textbook. The scientist sought to publish a textbook that could easily be understood by school circles. The textbook has survived two editions, it contains a complete system of the Ukrainian language, as well as the terminology that was well worked out at that time. It is emphasized that the book acquired the status of the synthesized textbook.

“Practical Grammar of the Ukrainian Language”, “Grammar of the Ukrainian language” V. Simovych are characterized by the use of the normative approach to the language. The development of this distinct feature in grammar was the review by V. Symovych on the textbook by S. Smal-Stotsky and F. Gartner. In the work V. Simovych raised the question of the use of terminology, where the scientist described the choice of terms very meticulously. To the scientist’s mind, the terms were new, but were formed according to the spirit of language, and most of them have already been used. Also, the researcher noticed uncomfortable terms, but some of them were very successful for further discussions.

The maturity of scientific thought of V. Simovych is an evidence of the appearance of “Practical Grammar of the Ukrainian Language”, and subsequently reprinted “Grammar of the Ukrainian language”. The last edition of the grammar was aimed at self-education. The book contains a clear structure of parts of grammar, practically selected illustrative material. The most important is that the textbook took into account the experience of grammatical thought throughout Ukraine.

The grammar concept of V. Simovych is considered as a combination of theoretical and practical views of the scientist. The material contained involves a significant amount of resources, which were complied with the principles of scientific knowledge.

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