Journalistic Terminology: Native&Borrowed

Journalism’s term system contains concepts that characterize journalistic activities, production processes and phenomena, involvement in public life. Industry vocabulary reflects integration into the world’s information space, involvement and understanding of the latest theories, modern technologies and techniques of the industry. That is why there is an interest in the terminological content of Ukrainian journalism from the point of view of the origin of its components.

The process of developing Ukrainian-Russian-English terminological online dictionary “Ship Piping Systems”

A number of characteristics specific for the process of developing Ukrainian-Russian-English terminological online dictionary “Ship Piping Systems” is described. Its main educational function is highlighted.

Linguistic terminology as object of scientific research in the late XX – early XXI century

The article deals with the problem of the national linguistic terminology formation, which Vasyl Simovych was involved at the beginning of the 20th century. A qualitatively new type of language learning was found in a new synthesized textbook of a scientist. V. Simovych pointed to the theoretical and practical principles of studying the Ukrainian language, which he embodied in his grammar. The grammatical terms are used on the basis of working out a number of methodical manuals, textbooks of the Ukrainian language of that time.

Peculiarities of term nomination synonymy in the domain of computer linguistics

The article is aimed at proving the statement that term synonymy or variability cannot be the sign of terminology emergence. For that purpose the article studies term variant pairs and rows in the domain of computer linguistics on the basis of their seme structure constancy/variability as well as gives morphological and other lexical characteristics of term variants in this domain.

Ways of forming modern Ukrainian phytomeliorative terminology: terminolization of general use vocabulary and reterminolization of vocabulary in other sciences

In the article the important ways to form modern Ukrainian phytomeliorative terminology have been researched. The peculiarities of terminologization in the meaning of autochthonic words of general use has been analysed. It has been found out that during the process of reterminolization some insignificant change of initial meaning of term units in other branches takes place.

The main formation stages of the ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system

The main idea of the article is to analyse the formation process of the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system. Its task is to create a division into periods, identify the main approaches and the main causes of the electric energy terminology. In order to find out the peculiarities of the formation and development processes of Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology, wetrace history of industry development on the Ukrainian lands and on this background, discover the formation of the studied terminology system.

Development of DSTU ISO 860 “Terminology work. Harmonization of concepts and terms” new edition

The article deals with new version of the national standard DSTU ISO 860 “Terminology work. Harmonization of terms and concepts”. The changes of ISO 860 standard and the problems, which have arisen during its translation in Ukrainian, are analyzed.

Багатозначність термінів як результат реінтеграції наукового знання

The process of scientific knowledge reintegration, resulting in the emergence of new meanings of terms is researched in this article. Semantic changes that occur during the reconsideration of the initial meaning are considered. It is proved that seme-motivator which can take the nuclear or peripheral place in the structures of initial and derivative meanings is the foundation of the aforementioned process. Scientific fields which motivate semantic processes of the current term transformation and the emergence of new terminological meanings are emphasized.

Epistemic modality in scientific and popular discourse about teaching of learning material

The subject of this research is epistemic modality in the scientific and popular discourse as the part of speech information and evaluation of teachers or students that form the structure of the language in different languages, using various means of expression, confidence, doubt and certainty of the truth of incomplete information. These means are determinative or cognitive markers of the subject of speech – teacher or student.