Identity formation, social and natural aspects

On the basis of considerable source base the basic social and natural aspects that directly influence the formation of personality. The evolution of the formation and development of social and natural determinant of human beings. The basic scientific approaches to the analysis of the social and natural aspects of personality.

The theoretical going is near the use of concept of activity in the field of realization of law-enforcement functions

The article is devoted a decision the problems of the use of concept of activity, which is
very riznoplanovoy after the purpose, object, object and terms of realization which gives it wide possibilities in the clear differentiating of the defined legal notions. For this reason seems
extraordinarily actual to consider the basic theoretical going near the use of concept of activity
in the field of realization of law-enforcement functions the state and to define basic
conformities to law, which predetermine the effective legal providing of process of their

Про діяльність Міжнародної федерації залізобетону

The authors introduces readers with activity of the International federation on concrete (fib) and Ukrainian fib Group. The annual fib report for 2013 is a basis for this paper and it is supplemented with author’s comments. fib work is implementing by its leading structure – General assembly. GA is considering systematically the budget issues, structure of the technical Committees, type Codes, editorial activity (bulletinsі, journals) etc. Presidium is the executive structure of federation; it is organizing all current measures (congresses, symposiums etc.).

Financial analysis of the banking sector in Poland

In the market economy, banks act as financial intermediary. On one hand, they want to
make profit, but on the other hand they are called public-trust institutions. Since profit
maximization is not possible without taking risks, that is why risk taking must be controlled.
The activity of banks is therefore supervised by the Commission for Financial Supervision, the
National Polish Bank or Bank Guarantee Fund. Other participants in the economic process
must also have a clear picture of their financial position and management results. In the

Features internal audit investment projects

Maintenance of existing audits of investment projects, systematized views of scientists on the
development of subject area knowledge and practice. Shows ambush approaches of financial
accounting Ukrainian enterprises based on common principles set out in international standards,
standardization of national legislation with an international regulatory framework.
The causes of low efficiency of investment of domestic enterprises through causal factor
of influence on this fact the absence of an internal audit of investment projects. Argued that

Organization of internal control mortgage operation in the bank

Reveals the importance of stable functioning of the banking sector on the effective functioning
of the national economy. Shows the importance obyektyvnosti banking information flowto regulate
general economi cprocesses and their adaptation tointernational standards ofd isclosure of banking.
The results of the analysison the level of efficiency of embedded systems vnurtrishnoho audit paid to
existing problems according ambush approaches in the implementation of this subsystem Banking
Supervision modern conditions of functioning of banks.

Corporate social responsibility towards he environment – the involvement of polish enterprises in the implementation of the idea of csr

One of the desirable features that helps to succeed today, is to be a socially responsible
company. CSR is a concept of enterprise management, which consists of a conscious,
sustainable action oriented not only on financial profit and economic aspects, but also takes
into account the needs and requirements of social and environmental matters connected with
the company's environment. CSR covers a wide variety of stakeholder relations existing inside
and outside of the company’s operation. The main area of corporate social responsibility is the

Особливості взаємодії компонентів у мобільній платформі Android

Описано головні способи взаємодії між сервісами та активностями у системі Android. Описано переваги і недоліки кожного з підходів, а також ситуації, коли конкретний підхід найоптимальніший.

Каталіз процесу оксихлорування етилену в 1,2-дихлоретан за участю активних центрів CuCl2/CuCl на поверхні γ-Al2O3

На основі рентгеноструктурного аналізу носія γ-Al2O3 і каталізатора CuCl2, CuCl на його поверхні, досліджена будова активних центрів. Показано вплив типу каталізатора на механізм процесу окислювального хлорування етилену. На основі даних мас-спектроскопічного аналізу вивчено різницю в будові активних центрів і механізмі роботи двох каталізаторів нанесеного й просоченого типу CuCl2, CuCl/γ-Al2O3, в процесі окислювального хлорування етилену в 1,2-дихлоретан.