Corporate social responsibility towards he environment – the involvement of polish enterprises in the implementation of the idea of csr


Oleszko-Kurzyna B.

One of the desirable features that helps to succeed today, is to be a socially responsible
company. CSR is a concept of enterprise management, which consists of a conscious,
sustainable action oriented not only on financial profit and economic aspects, but also takes
into account the needs and requirements of social and environmental matters connected with
the company's environment. CSR covers a wide variety of stakeholder relations existing inside
and outside of the company’s operation. The main area of corporate social responsibility is the
environment protection. Corporate social responsibility means here ecological management.
This includes activities in accordance with the adopted law, supports environmental awareness
in the given surrounding, and also creates its own solutions to minimize the harmfulness of
core business. All these elements do not function in isolation – they interlace to create a model
of economic management which is responsible for the natural resources. In addition to the
standards, programs, signs, promotion and other forms of environmental management,
companies implement their own solutions to reduce harm done to the environment. These are
mainly eco-offices, environmental education, waste management and eco-efficiency.
The study shows the concept of corporate social responsibility with particular emphasis
on environmental issues. It also presents the involvement of Polish enterprises in the
implementation of environmental CSR.One of the most important factors that affects the dissemination of the idea is
globalization. Companies do not operate in isolation, while facilitating the flow of goods,
ervices, capital and technology makes them compete with the best companies. This factor was
crucial in spreading CSR in Poland. Becoming members of such organizations as the OECD or
he European Union, Polish companies are looking for much more modern methods of
competition. One of them is the idea of CSR, increasingly common among companies that are
eaders on the international scale.
In Poland, corporate social responsibility has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Undoubtedly the positive factor is growing society awareness that the company should be
good and reliable partner to all stakeholders. Visible progress in the social aspect can be easily
observed. Many companies go beyond their core business activities engaging themselves in some unusual segments like promoting culture, charity or supporting young talents. Slightly
less developed is the area of CSR and employees. This may be related to some structural
problems such as large unemployment and difficulties in finding jobs for young people.
Significant progress was also made as far as the investors were interested in the concept of
CSR. The proof is the growing number of companies issuing public reports which are of
added value to the economic and financial reporting. Investors are more willing to invest their
capital in socially responsible companies, as CSR is a tool to reduce risk.
When it comes to environment protection as an area of CRS, it is still in Poland at the
implementation stage. Just like in the "employees" area, almost all companies are trying to
fulfill legal regulations concerning environment protection. However, in comparison to
international companies, actions that go beyond the law are rather small – implemented
mainly as eco-offices or promotion of environmental attitudes. Definitely there is a lack of the
innovation factor which reorganizes production processes more efficiently in terms of raw
materials and energy used. One area that needs improvement in the Polish community is low
environmental awareness. Being environmentally friendly is still regarded as the fulfillment of
legal norms, there is a lack of creativity in this area, especially in the field of new technologies.
In conclusion, the idea of CSR in Poland is present in each area. However, an essential
factor to stop further development is the fact that CSR is practiced mainly by larger entities,
which represent only a small percentage of Polish enterprises. Entrepreneurs still see CSR as
an expensive "investment", which cannot always afford. Moreover, CSR still raises a lot of
controversy and is considered to be a mere marketing tool. Despite these objections, the
greatest entities still plan to pursue the idea of CSR, and some intend to intensify efforts in this
area. In this way they becomea model for smaller companies, proving that CSR activities in
the longer terms also provide measurable economic effects.