The genesis of the understanding of law as a fundamental principle of activity of bodies of public administration

The article investigates the fundamental principle of government – law, which provides strict and mandatory compliance with laws and regulations by all entities – public authorities, public organizations, officials and citizens, and covers all aspects of life

The principles of the electoral process in ukraine: constitutional-legal aspects

The study is devoted to a comprehensive review of the electoral process in Ukraine,
stipulated by Laws of Ukraine “On elections of President of Ukraine”, “On elections of people’s
deputies of Ukraine”, “On local elections”, the distinction between the concepts of principles, the
definition of common principles for all types of elections in Ukraine and their characteristics

Accounting reality as a subject of institutional research

The existing approaches to understanding of essence of an accounting reality in
conditions of use of the concept of constraint multialternativeness have been analyzed. Analysis
of objective selection tools accounted for in accordance with the terms of the company. Argued
that the existence of differences between accounting and economic reality makes it necessary
inclusion of objects accounting components that allow to compensate for this difference.
Reveals the level of interconnection of methodological principles for financial and


Узагальнено основні теоретичні положення і визначено особливості процесу формування соціальної відповідальності в контексті забезпечення сталого розвитку підприємства. Виділено принципи стратегії сталого розвитку, що стали ключовими у формуванні концепції соціальної відповідальності. Запропоновано концептуальну схему забезпечення сталого розвитку підприємства як основи побудови соціальної відповідальності.

The principles of financial control system investment legal policy

The article violated theoretical aspects of financial control principles the system of investment and legal policy in the context of adaptation national financial law to the requirements of the European Union. Financial control is in the field of investment activity as an institute of financial right is analysed from position Lima Declaration leading principles of control, and also examined its impact on the development investment politics.