This study research investigated the seismic effects on the design of retaining walls. The basic analysis theory of retaining structures under static load is the Coulomb theory, stating that the pressure of a loose body on the lateral surface is determined from the static equilibrium condition of rigid wedge formed in the bed between backsides of the structure and slipping area, considering the wedge as rigid body. Dynamic pressure of the soil was studied in the works of Okabe and Mononobe. Currently, these studies are basic in the preparation of regulatory documents. However, there are discrepancies between the approaches of Ukraine, Europe, and the United States in this matter. Analyzed regulatory guides for the calculation of these structures for the action of dynamic loads. Assessed the discrepancies between the calculated dependencies established by USA codes, Ukraine codes, and Eurocode. This work shows the relation between the curvature of the back face of the retaining wall, and the lateral pressure diagram of the bulk material due to seismic load.

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