The electrical products quality management system and the ways of its modernization


Lobodzynska T. P.

The electrical products quality management system on enterprises is examined, as well as the
ways and directions of its modernization for the purpose of improvement and provision of the
competitiveness of turned out products. The quality of products acts as a basis of enterprise
competitiveness. The properly chosen strategy of products quality management will ensure
effective development of enterprise and improve the competitiveness of turned out products.
The lack of effectiveness of quality management systems that were used in our country,
has necessitated the search for and study of new forms, methods and means of improving and ensuring products quality. For the purpose of scientific and practical grounding of the
program of electrical products quality management system introduction the provisions of the
legal framework, standards, specifications and other regulations were reviewed and
Informational base of electrical products quality cost analysis is formed in accordance
with the goals and objectives of the analysis, combining internal and external data sources.
The process of database formation begins with an assessment of different sources from which
the information is received, and is rested on such criteria as reliability, accuracy, timeliness,
usefulness, etc.A grouping of sources of information by classification characteristics for the
purposes of economic analysis is proposed, that reflects the aims and objectives of the analysis
of quality cost.
Comprehensive electrical products quality management system on enterprise covers
quite a wide range of tasks: the systematization of the goals and objectives of quality
management, the definition of functional relationships, development of regulatory, incentive
and regulatory actions for the process of ensuring products quality. The paper proposes to
group and fix the abovementioned tasks in the Enterprise Regulation «Planning, accounting
and cost analysis of electrical products quality». It contains a set of standardized processes
that establish the sequence of procedures for planning, accounting and analysis of cost of
electrical products quality. In the framework of the process it is proposed to standardize the
four processes: planning, accounting, analysis and evaluation of quality cost.
The compliance with the requirements set out in the Regulation, provides an
opportunity for the manufacturer to assess the conformity of the products quality with the
market needs, such as: provides the receipt of reliable information about the quality cost and
the required level of quality of turned out products, while minimizing the total cost of its
production, helps to determine the size of needed investment in the interests of improving the
quality of products and processes, to manage the technical and economic level of products
according to the international standards and to determine the effectiveness of the quality
management system functioning as a whole.
The application of the given Regulation and the implementation of the proposed
approaches to electrical products quality evaluation and cost analysis will generate the
information necessary for making effective management decisions on products quality. Quality
cost analysis will reveal the reserves of increasing enterprise efficiency and, consequently,
increasing its competitiveness in the market.