Features design of enterprise formation intellectual potential


Knyaz S.V., Holyavko L.Y.

The features of the system of construction of formation of the intellectual potential of
enterprises based on process-structured design of its components are explored in this article. The
scientific opinions concerning the features and the need of develop this potential are developed.
According to results of studying the theory and practice of management of enterprises the system
proposed formation of the intellectual capacity of the entity for the main stages of its operation, such
as designing, realizing and updating are considered. The necessity of selection of these stages is
grounded and the importance of focusing on the issues that are connected with the designing of the
system is complained. According to the sequence and structure of designing of system components
forming the intellectual potential of the company, primarily prompted to make and are a logical
sequence of steps necessary intellectual resources subsystem design organizational level, including
items such as service relationship and information resources. Another designing of the subsystem
intellectual resources personal level, featuring ability, motivation, knowledge and skills of employees
are carried out. The stages of designing artificial intelligence, which belongs to the subsystem intellectual resources organizational level, and designed in such sequence as defined needs of these
two subsystems are developed. In addition, the features and components of the mechanism of
formation of construction intellectual capacities as a lever to generate intellectual ability of the entity
are revealed.